FSC 1005 Guns, through 30mm

Includes Machine Guns; Brushes, Machine Gun and Pistol. Excludes Turrets, Aircraft.

Name NSN Details  
Mount,gun 1005-01-502-9012 An item designed to support a gun. Excludes MOUNT, HOWITZER; MOUNT, MACHINE GUN; MOUNT, MORTAR; MOUNT, RIFLE; and MOUNT, TRIPOD (as modified). RFQ
Rail Adapter System 1005-01-502-9979 RFQ
Charging Handle Ass 1005-01-502-9980 RFQ
Cover,ejection Port 1005-01-502-9992 RFQ
Actuator,gun Safety 1005-01-502-9996 A lever, plunger, slide, or the like, designed to apply force by spring or mechanical action to activate a SAFETY (as modified). RFQ
Buffer Assembly,recoil 1005-01-502-9997 An item consisting of a BUFFER, RECOIL MECHANISM and associated components required to absorb and check the recoil or counterrecoil force of a weapon when it is fired. RFQ
Pin,firing 1005-01-502-9999 An item used in a firing mechanism of a gun, mine, bomb, fuze, projectile, or the like, which strikes and detonates a sensitive explosive to initiate an explosive train or a propelling charge. RFQ
Extractor,cartridge 1005-01-503-0000 A device in the breech mechanism of a gun, rifle, grenade launcher, or the like for (1) pulling an empty cartridge case or an unfired cartridge out of the chamber of the weapon, or (2) extracting a cartridge from a belt and positioning it for insertion into the chamber. RFQ
Ejector,cartridge 1005-01-503-0001 A device in the breech mechanism of a gun, rifle, or the like, which automatically throws out an empty cartridge case or unfired cartridge from the breech or receiver. RFQ
Swivel,sling,small Arms 1005-01-503-0015 An elongated D-shaped hinged device mounted on the underside of the stock and fore-end of a shoulder fired weapon to accommodate a SLING, SMALL ARMS. RFQ
Sight,front 1005-01-503-0016 A metallic bead, blade, post, or the like, attached on the muzzle end of military carbines, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and other similar items as a sighting device. It may be provided with a hood or protective wings. RFQ
Field Repair Kit 1005-01-503-0018 RFQ
Cleaning Kit,field 1005-01-503-0019 RFQ
Sling 1005-01-503-0020 RFQ
Bore,rod 1005-01-503-0024 RFQ
Chute Section,ejection 1005-01-503-0140 An item which is a component of a CHUTE, EJECTION RFQ
Mount,machine Gun 1005-01-503-0141 An item designed to support a machine gun. See also MOUNT, MACHINE GUN, TRAILER MOUNTED. Excludes MOUNT, GUN. RFQ
Chute Section,ejection 1005-01-503-0142 An item which is a component of a CHUTE, EJECTION RFQ
Control Unit,gun 1005-01-503-0994 RFQ
Cleaning Kit,gun 1005-01-503-1348 A collection of items including rods, brushes, swabs, solvents, lubricants and the like, specifically designed for the basic maintenance of weapons. RFQ