FSC 1010 Guns, over 30mm up to 75mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Mounts; Grenade Launchers for Integral-Cartridge Grenades, Single-Shot or Auto-Loading or Automatic-Firing.

Name NSN Details  
Heatshield Assembly 1010-01-502-8069 An item to allow heat to dissipate equally, to prevent a mirage of heat. The item acts as a protector to prevent burning of the skin. It may be made of plastic and/or metal. The item attaches to the barrel or receiver of a rifle or maching gun and may have other items attached such as scope or sighting devices. RFQ
Tray,loading,ammunition 1010-01-504-2961 A poratble metal trough-shaped, four-legged device with handle grips used for transporting ammunition to and aligning with the breech of a weapon prior to loading. RFQ
Launcher,grenade 1010-01-504-5175 A weapon with a rifled or smooth bore of various calibers. It is an individual or crew-served weapon. It may be used with a shoulder stock, attached under the fore-end of a rifle or mounted like a machine-gun for direct-control fire. The grenade is the projectile component of a cartridge. Excludes LAUNCHER, GRENADE, RIFLE and LAUNCHER, GRENADE, ARMAMENT SUBSYSTEM. RFQ
Motor Controller 1010-00-024-8729 RFQ
Lagmeter Assembly,e 1010-00-026-7354 RFQ
Mechanism 1010-00-026-5933 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6106 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6108 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6109 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6112 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6126 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6127 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6138 RFQ
Power Drive 1010-00-026-6141 RFQ
Sight Assembly 1010-00-026-7349 RFQ
Sight Assembly 1010-00-026-7350 RFQ
Power Unit Assembly 1010-00-026-7339 RFQ
Slide 1010-01-508-5551 RFQ
Cover,gun Mount 1010-01-509-7240 A fabricated removable textile, leather, or plastic cover specifically designed to fully or partially inclose a gun mount for protection from damaging elements such as moisture, dust and the like. It has means of securing to the equipment such as straps, tie lines, zipper fasteners and the like. Excludes TARPAULIN. RFQ
Piston Weldment 1010-01-509-8558 RFQ