FSC 1025 Guns, over 150mm through 200mm

Includes Firing Platforms; Mounts; Gun Shields.

Name NSN Details  
Arc Assembly 1025-00-711-1405 RFQ
Rod 1025-00-710-7156 RFQ
Guide 1025-00-710-4566 RFQ
Cap 1025-00-710-4568 RFQ
Bracket 1025-00-710-4581 RFQ
Bracket 1025-00-710-4650 RFQ
Lock 1025-00-710-6554 RFQ
Washer Assy 1025-00-710-7282 RFQ
Housing 1025-00-711-1406 RFQ
Retainer 1025-00-711-1409 RFQ
Lever,breechblock O 1025-00-018-3257 RFQ
Guide,elevating Cyl 1025-00-020-2345 RFQ
Retainer,gun Dust 1025-00-020-5620 RFQ
Roller,crank Assemb 1025-00-021-2062 RFQ
Ball Kit 1025-00-034-4442 RFQ
Extractor,cartridge 1025-00-042-5307 A device in the breech mechanism of a gun, rifle, grenade launcher, or the like for (1) pulling an empty cartridge case or an unfired cartridge out of the chamber of the weapon, or (2) extracting a cartridge from a belt and positioning it for insertion into the chamber. RFQ
Stop 1025-00-052-4165 RFQ
Carriage,seat,comma 1025-00-065-0752 RFQ
Lever,elevating Han 1025-00-066-2828 RFQ
Firing Mech Block A 1025-01-515-9264 RFQ