FSC 1035 Guns, over 300mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Training Gears; Power Drives.

Name NSN Details  
Pump 1035-00-158-1631 RFQ
Brush Assembly 1035-00-380-5412 RFQ
Head,cylinder 1035-00-380-5448 RFQ
Tube,valve 1035-00-384-5552 RFQ
Valve Assembly 1035-00-024-8511 RFQ
Screw,adjusting 1035-00-024-8379 RFQ
Ring,seal 1035-00-024-8395 RFQ
Wiper,felt 1035-00-024-8397 RFQ
Key 1035-00-024-8425 RFQ
Pinion 1035-00-024-8430 RFQ
Rivet,brass 1035-00-024-8433 RFQ
Rivet,brass 1035-00-024-8434 RFQ
Retainer,bearing 1035-00-024-8479 RFQ
Contact Assembly 1035-00-024-8515 RFQ
Contact Assembly 1035-00-024-8516 RFQ
Fulcrum Assembly 1035-00-024-8518 RFQ
Bolt,packing 1035-00-025-0938 RFQ
Plug 1035-00-025-0939 RFQ
Tube,cannon 1035-00-026-5510 A cylindrical metallic item which is that part of a cannon which controls the initial direction of a projectile. The bore may be rifled and must have a diameter of more than 40 millimeters. See also BARREL (as modified), and TUBE, SUBCALIBER, CANNON. RFQ
Breech Mechanism 1035-00-026-5622 A group of items that function to open and close the breech. It may include a semiautomatic drop block, case extraction, and electric firing. It may provide manual and/or automatic opening of a breech, ejection of spent cartridge case, and automatic closing when chambering the next round. RFQ