FSC 1220 Fire Control Computing Sights and Devices

Name NSN Details  
Computer,ballistics 1220-01-503-4393 A computer which utilizes a power driven mechanism and/or electronic or electrical circuits to calculate the trajectory of a projectile in relation to a target. RFQ
Indicator,positioni 1220-01-503-4394 RFQ
Scale,graphical Firing 1220-01-502-1296 A device designed in the form of a slide rule, having one or more scales of varying ranges, on either surface, and a plastic cursor with a matte to receive pencil markings of range correction. It is used with various types of ground and sky-sweeper weapons to determine quadrant elevation, angle of sight, or drift, and to calculate the trajectory of a projectile in relation to a target. It may contain scales for yards to meters conversion and gage points which are used in conjunction with the cursor and range scale to convert data given in meters to yards. Scales may be in mils for determining high angle fire, time of flight, deflection shift, and the like. RFQ
Electronic Unit,fire Control Computer 1220-01-503-9825 A group of components in a single unit designed to be used with a COMPUTER (1), FIRE CONTROL. It contains electronic circuitry that serves as a memory unit for computing ballistic lead angles and the like. It may contain range counters (electronic), range storage and portions of built-in test circuitry. Excludes ELECTRONIC UNIT, LASER RANGING. RFQ
Mask Assembly,servo 1220-00-007-9692 RFQ
Mask Assembly,servo 1220-00-008-3363 RFQ
Module,assembly 1220-00-017-2826 RFQ
Control Assy,servo 1220-00-026-8034 RFQ
Filter Assembly 1220-00-026-8035 RFQ
Stop Assembly,overt 1220-00-026-8191 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8061 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8062 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8072 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8079 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8080 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8081 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8082 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8084 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8223 RFQ
Servo Module Assemb 1220-00-030-8239 RFQ