FSC 1250 Fire Control Stabilizing Mechanisms

Name NSN Details  
Washer 1250-00-025-0346 RFQ
Gyro,fiber Optic 1250-01-529-4355 RFQ
Computer,stabilization Data 1250-01-532-2656 A computer for the determination of parameters controlling the longitudinal and lateral excursions of an item, such as a platform or aircraft within predetermined limits. See also COMPUTER, GUIDANCE; COMPUTER, NAVIGATIONAL; and GENERATOR, STABILIZATION DATA. RFQ
Magnet Assembly 1250-00-210-4493 RFQ
Cover,fire Control Instrument 1250-01-572-6198 A cover designed to conform to the shape and dimensions of a specific mechanical and/or optical fire control instrument. It is used as a protective covering when the instrument is not in use. May include securing facilities, such as drawstrings, snap fasteners, and the like. RFQ
Anti Hunt Unit 1250-00-382-3225 RFQ
Level Assembly 1250-00-382-3384 RFQ
Weight,gimbal 1250-00-382-3389 RFQ
Lens 1250-00-382-6295 RFQ
Brush And Support A 1250-00-387-3204 RFQ
Computer,guidance 1250-01-582-2624 A computer which calculates and alters the directional course of travel of a projectile. Do not use if a more specific name applies. See also COMPUTER, MISSILE GUIDANCE and COMPUTER, STABILIZATION DATA. RFQ
Amplifier 1250-00-607-4310 RFQ
Amplifier 1250-00-672-5548 RFQ
Flange 1250-00-026-8252 RFQ
Screw 1250-00-026-8253 RFQ
Element,stable 1250-00-026-4974 RFQ
Gyro Assembly 1250-00-025-0295 RFQ
Pinion,bevel 1250-00-025-0344 RFQ
Bracket 1250-00-025-0345 RFQ
Bracket 1250-00-025-0348 RFQ