FSC 1270 Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components

Includes Turrets, Aircraft; Computers, specifically designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms. Excludes Gun Chargers; Ammunition Boxes; Gun Heaters; Field and Link Chutes; Ammunition Boosters; Gyro Components; Complete Fire Control Systems.

Name NSN Details  
Sensor,auto Brillia 1270-01-075-9384 RFQ
Reference Source As 1270-01-075-9674 RFQ
Housing,spring 1270-00-403-8953 RFQ
Optical Module 1270-01-076-2551 RFQ
Plate,gear Housing 1270-00-401-6140 RFQ
Housing,gear 1270-00-401-6141 RFQ
Oscillator,low Volt 1270-01-077-0714 RFQ
Beacon,low 1270-01-077-0718 RFQ
Reference Source As 1270-01-077-0724 RFQ
Block,antenna 1270-01-077-2156 RFQ
Receiver-Transmitter,radar 1270-01-077-4724 A single component having the dual functions of generating electromagnetic energy for transmission, and of receiving, demodulating, and sometimes presenting intelligence from the reflected electromagnetic energy. May include accessories. For multiple units consisting of a single radar receiver and a single radar transmitter, see the applicable set item name. See also FREQUENCY CONVERTER-TRANSMITTER. For items designed to initiate an explosion in an item of ammunition, see FUZE (as modified). RFQ
Bar,position,azimut 1270-00-402-4961 RFQ
Clamp,actuator,opti 1270-00-402-4962 RFQ
Plate,mounting,opti 1270-00-402-4966 RFQ
Yoke,roller,optical 1270-00-402-4967 RFQ
Cushion,deflector 1270-00-402-5636 RFQ
Pulley,azimuth,base 1270-01-077-7622 RFQ
Accumulator Kit 1270-00-403-8966 RFQ
Plate,back 1270-00-394-6705 RFQ
Support,external Po 1270-00-394-6714 RFQ