FSC 1280 Aircraft Bombing Fire Control Components

Includes Computers, specifically designed; Complete Gyro Mechanisms; Optical Instruments for Bombing Fire Control. Excludes Gyro Components; Optical Elements, such as Lens, Prisms, Filters.

Name NSN Details  
Load Assy 1280-00-674-0571 RFQ
Chassis Assy,channe 1280-00-674-0573 RFQ
Chassis Assy,channe 1280-00-674-0577 RFQ
Spacer,waveguide 1280-00-674-0574 RFQ
Chassis Assy,channe 1280-00-674-0575 RFQ
Chassis Assy,channe 1280-00-674-0576 RFQ
Cable Assy,output 1280-00-674-0578 RFQ
Chassis Assy,contro 1280-00-674-4395 RFQ
Chassis Assy 1280-00-674-4397 RFQ
Chassis Assy 1280-00-674-4398 RFQ
Dial,indicator 1280-00-674-8592 RFQ
Plate,mounting 1280-00-694-4096 RFQ
Computer,fire Control 1280-01-173-0534 A computer which provides calculations for the delivery of fire-power to a predetermined target. Do not use if a more specific name can be found in this index. See also COMPUTER, DEPTH CHARGE RELEASE TIME; COMPUTER, POSITION BOMBING; and COMPUTER, TERRAIN CLEARANCE. RFQ
Plate,dial 1280-00-696-7721 RFQ
Housing Assy,light 1280-00-696-8601 RFQ
Strap Assy 1280-00-698-1051 RFQ
Sprocket Assy 1280-00-698-1387 RFQ
Bail Lock Assy 1280-00-698-1413 RFQ
Plate Assy 1280-00-698-1479 RFQ
Lens Assy 1280-00-698-1461 RFQ