FSC 1355 Torpedos and Components, Inert

Name NSN Details  
Circuit 1355-00-710-2922 RFQ
Trunnion 1355-00-710-2923 RFQ
Arm 1355-00-710-2918 RFQ
Rod 1355-00-710-2919 RFQ
Spring 1355-00-710-2926 RFQ
Gear 1355-00-710-2929 RFQ
Arm 1355-00-710-2930 RFQ
Solenoid 1355-00-710-2931 RFQ
Arm 1355-00-710-2933 RFQ
Gear 1355-00-710-2934 RFQ
Motor 1355-00-710-2935 RFQ
Kit Rextorp 1355-01-503-9929 RFQ
Autopilot Assembly 1355-00-008-5184 RFQ
Control Section Tor 1355-01-504-5093 RFQ
Range Counter 1355-01-504-5094 RFQ
Range Depth Presett 1355-01-504-5898 RFQ
Case,afterbody Torpedo 1355-01-504-7563 RFQ
Cover,protective,torpedo Components 1355-01-504-7564 A fabricated reusable, plastic or metallic cover of various shapes, specifically designed to fully or partially enclose torpedo components for protection from damage. It is designed to protect items such as nosecone, torpedo sections, tail pieces and the like. Excludes COVER, ACCESS. RFQ
Transmitter 1355-00-010-1038 RFQ
Kit 1355-01-506-7697 RFQ