FSC 1360 Depth Charges and Components, Inert

Includes Inert Firing Mechanisms; Pistols without Detonators; Extenders.

Name NSN Details  
Guage 1360-00-093-0068 RFQ
Bracket Assembly,no 1360-00-210-3158 RFQ
Collar 1360-00-210-3160 RFQ
Screw,adjusting 1360-00-210-3162 RFQ
Nut,securing 1360-00-210-3154 RFQ
Depth Setting Mecha 1360-00-210-3164 RFQ
Tool Assembly,cocki 1360-00-210-3165 RFQ
Wrench Assembly 1360-00-210-3166 RFQ
Wrench Assembly 1360-00-210-3167 RFQ
Booster,depth Charge 1360-00-310-2660 A cylindrical item designed to contain an explosive to relay and amplify the detonation wave to insure proper detonation of the main explosive charge of a depth charge. When empty or inert loaded, it may be used for training purposes. RFQ
Fork Assembly,safet 1360-00-324-3635 RFQ
Cover Assy 1360-00-324-3629 RFQ
Magnet Assy 1360-00-324-3633 RFQ
Bellows 1360-00-331-8615 RFQ
Ring,locking 1360-00-331-8616 RFQ
Cover 1360-00-331-8609 RFQ
Cover Assy,knobbed 1360-00-331-8613 RFQ
Wrench Assy 1360-00-331-8625 RFQ
Pin And Chain Assy 1360-00-336-3175 RFQ
Flange,centering 1360-00-342-6168 RFQ