FSC 1370 Pyrotechnics

Includes Flares; Signals; Fireworks; Pistol Rocket Signals. Excludes Pyrotechnic Cartridges and Projectiles; Photoflash Bombs; Pyrotechnic Rockets.

Name NSN Details  
Flare,countermeasure 1370-01-503-1455 A flare used on or for a DISPENSER, COUNTERMEASURES. RFQ
Simulator,explosive Booby Trap 1370-00-007-5562 An item containing an explosive and/or pyrotechnic mixture(s) and means of ignition inclosed in a container. It is designed to indicate the tripping of a booby trap by the resultant detonation, noise, flame, or a combination thereof. It may include additional equipment for placement and activation of the item. RFQ
Flare,aircraft 1370-01-504-3979 RFQ
Button Assembly,gro 1370-00-008-6424 RFQ
Flare,countermeasure 1370-01-504-7743 A flare used on or for a DISPENSER, COUNTERMEASURES. RFQ
Starter,fire 1370-00-009-9596 An item containing flammable material, designed to start fires under adverse weather conditions where ordinary ignition methods would fail. RFQ
Pin,shear 1370-00-018-0600 RFQ
Simulator,explosive Detonation 1370-01-507-0749 A simulator containing an explosive and a fuze or an igniter. Detonation of the explosive charge produces a sound simulating the detonation of various types of ammunition and other explosive devices. RFQ
Flare,surface 1370-01-507-8614 RFQ
Flare,aircraft 1370-00-025-4896 RFQ
Flare,aircraft 1370-01-508-1201 RFQ
Cartridge,photoflash 1370-00-028-5924 RFQ
Flare,aircraft 1370-00-028-5931 RFQ
Signal,illumination 1370-00-028-5953 RFQ
Signal,illumination 1370-00-028-5964 RFQ
Signal,illumination 1370-00-028-5993 RFQ
Simulator,projectile Air Burst,explosive 1370-00-028-6007 An item designed to simulate the explosion of a projectile in the atmosphere. RFQ
Flare,countermeasure 1370-01-508-9534 A flare used on or for a DISPENSER, COUNTERMEASURES. RFQ
Decoy,infrared,countermeasure 1370-01-509-6171 A pyrophoric item made from an air activated material designed to produce an infrared output. RFQ
Pigment 1370-00-038-4918 RFQ