FSC 1385 Surface Use Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tools and Equipment

Excludes Nonspecialized or common tools and equipment not developed exclusively for use by qualified EOD personnel; specialized demolition material; explosive loaded shaped charges.

Name NSN Details  
Hook And Line Kit 1385-01-503-0647 RFQ
Cart.12ga,eod 1385-01-502-3761 RFQ
Retainer,firing Pin Assembly 1385-01-504-8374 An item designed for use by explosive ordnance disposal personnel to arrest movement of the firing pin in a fuze assembly contained in a bomb. RFQ
Remotefiring Device 1385-01-506-0128 RFQ
Needle,injection 1385-00-025-0787 RFQ
Spanner,adjustable 1385-00-025-0728 RFQ
Wrench Set,spanner 1385-00-025-0865 A group of items under WRENCH, SPANNER having different characteristics. RFQ
Spanner Assembly,ad 1385-00-025-0874 RFQ
Charge Access 1385-01-509-1838 RFQ
Charge Access 1385-01-509-1828 RFQ
Holder 1385-00-049-7970 RFQ
Breechplug Assembly 1385-01-514-5710 RFQ
Parts Kit,explosive Ordnance Disposal 1385-01-514-5733 A parts kit used for the repair or replacement of worn, damaged and/or expended parts of various explosive ordnance disposal equipment or tools. RFQ
Fss Plain Slug 1385-01-521-0766 RFQ
Stop 1385-00-087-5163 RFQ
Alternate Control S 1385-01-521-8467 RFQ
Robot,explosive Ordnance Disposal 1385-01-521-8468 A device specifically designed for and used solely by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel in the detecting, handling and exploding of surface demolition. The device, operated by use of a remote control panel, may consist of the panel, cables, the robot and the tools or devices used by the robot in completion of the mission. RFQ
Sweeper,ammunition Clearing,vehicle Mounting 1385-01-521-8471 A special explosive ordnance disposal device which comprises a trough-shaped reinforced ammunition collecting case as well as one or more power-operated brush rolls and/or brush discs and is mainly designed for sweeping up and collecting Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO). It is mounted on tanks, armored ground vehicles, self-propelled working equipment and the like and is used, for example, to remove subammunition from surfaces of runways and adjoining areas. RFQ
Dragon Mount Assy 1385-01-521-8472 RFQ
Integrated Operator 1385-01-521-8473 RFQ