FSC 1720 Aircraft Launching Equipment

Includes Catapults. Excludes Guided Missile Launchers (FSC 1440) and Space Vehicle Launchers (FSC 1840).

Name NSN Details  
Piston Assembly 1720-00-003-8999 RFQ
Cover,station 1,lh 1720-01-507-2343 RFQ
Cover,station 1,rh 1720-01-507-2345 RFQ
Marker,spotting,aircraft Launching Control 1720-01-508-3062 An item designed in the profile of an aircraft. It is used to simulate the position of aircraft on shipboard flight decks in conjunction with aircraft launching equipment. It is marked with the representative aircraft designation and may indicate aircraft positioned with extended or folded wings or rotor blades. Excludes TEMPLATE, DRAFTING and MODEL, AIRCRAFT. RFQ
Fitting,hold Back,aircraft 1720-01-512-1880 The metallic fitting part of a hold back item through which an aircraft is fastened to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier at the time of a catapult launching operation. RFQ
Retainer,slipper 1720-00-078-3399 RFQ
Wiper-Track 1720-00-078-3404 RFQ
Holdback Assy,chain 1720-00-079-1198 RFQ
Cooler,sea Water 1720-00-082-7832 RFQ
Launch And Recovery Subsystem,drone,aircraft 1720-01-522-6060 A grouping of ground support equipment necessary to launch, control, and recover an unmanned aerial vehicle. Includes items such as launchers, power supplies, remote flight control unit, and arresting gear. RFQ
Cylinder Assembly,a 1720-01-524-7186 RFQ
Cylinder Assembly,a 1720-01-524-7189 RFQ
Sleeve,plug Trunnio 1720-01-524-7204 RFQ
Sleeve,shaft Trunni 1720-01-524-7208 RFQ
Plug,lh Thread,air 1720-01-525-0992 RFQ
Plug,rh Thread,air 1720-01-525-0993 RFQ
Slipper,aircraft Eq 1720-01-524-3795 RFQ
Bushing,aircraft Eq 1720-01-524-3796 RFQ
Piston Ring Assembl 1720-01-530-0052 RFQ
Piston Ring Assembl 1720-01-530-0050 RFQ