FSC 2240 Locomotive and Rail Car Accessories and Components

Includes Brake Beams and Components; Couplers; Trucks and Components; Journals and Components; Wheel Sets and Components. Excludes Railroad Furniture (FSG 71).

Name NSN Details  
Pocket,coupler 2240-00-127-9035 RFQ
Follower,feed Valve 2240-00-128-7599 RFQ
Cylinder,brake 2240-00-160-9888 RFQ
Key,railway Car Brake Shoe 2240-00-224-8303 A wedgelike device by means of which a brake shoe is fastened to a brake head. It is inserted through a keyway in the face of the brake head and the lug on the brake shoe. RFQ
Brake Shoe,railway Car 2240-00-300-0332 The frictional element which is held against the car wheel in order to produce braking action. RFQ
Liner 2240-00-361-1557 RFQ
Cover 2240-00-366-2382 RFQ
Follower Unit,diaph 2240-00-366-2388 RFQ
Diaphragm Follower 2240-00-366-2390 RFQ
Valve Unit 2240-00-375-9661 RFQ
Valve,brake,automat 2240-00-377-2056 RFQ
Ringer,bell,locomot 2240-00-392-3120 RFQ
Cock,cutout,brake 2240-00-417-4033 RFQ
Lifter 2240-00-499-6894 RFQ
Lubricator,journal 2240-00-624-3920 RFQ
Diaphragm 2240-00-651-1569 RFQ
Axle Sheave 2240-01-644-5517 RFQ
Coupler,railway,automatic 2240-01-645-3368 A device by means of which the connection of one unit of railway rolling stock to another is automatically accomplished and maintained and conversely by which they are disconnected. RFQ
Valve,brake 2240-00-772-7736 RFQ
Plunger,rod 2240-00-777-8560 RFQ