FSC 2420 Tractors, Wheeled

Includes Agricultural Tractors; High Speed Tractors; Industrial Tractors. Excludes Aircraft Towing Tractors and Crashed Aircraft Moving Tractors (FSC 1740); Aircraft Towing-Power Servicing Tractors (FSC 1730); Warehouse Tractors (FSC 3930).

Name NSN Details  
Tractor,wheeled,industrial 2420-01-059-0091 A self-propelled riding vehicle with or without attachments primarily used for material handling operations; construction operations such as towing, pushing, earth moving, etc., and various maintenance operations depending upon the type of attachment(s) used. It is designed with a nonadjustable tread width. Excludes TRACTOR, WHEELED, WAREHOUSE; TRACTOR, WHEELED, AGRICULTURAL and TRACTOR, WHEELED, HIGH SPEED. RFQ
Step Assembly 2420-01-062-5281 RFQ
Compartment Assy 2420-01-062-5231 RFQ
Block 2420-01-062-5215 RFQ
Block 2420-01-062-5250 RFQ
Cover Assembly 2420-01-062-5276 RFQ
Cover Assembly 2420-01-062-5277 RFQ
Sleeve 2420-01-062-5278 RFQ
Pad 2420-01-062-5279 RFQ
Insulation 2420-01-062-5280 RFQ
Bracket 2420-01-062-5282 RFQ
Pin 2420-01-062-5288 RFQ
Section Assembly 2420-01-062-5275 RFQ
Block 2420-01-062-5211 RFQ
Plate Assy 2420-01-062-5226 RFQ
Block 2420-01-062-5225 RFQ
Block 2420-01-062-5199 RFQ
Boss 2420-01-062-5208 RFQ
Plate 2420-01-062-5912 RFQ
Plate 2420-01-062-5911 RFQ