FSC 2520 Vehicular Power Transmission Components

Includes Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.

Name NSN Details  
Disk,clutch,vehicular 2520-01-503-6129 A solid circular disk of wire-woven lining material or ceramic and metal substance and the like, molded to one or both sides and fastened directly or indirectly to the center spline or hub, which receives and transmits motion or power by engagement with the pressure plate assembly and the flywheel or the like. Includes dry or wet type disk, and may include damper springs. This item is designed to be used on tanks, automobiles, construction equipment, and the like in conjunction with a CLUTCH ASSEMBLY, FRICTION. RFQ
Cover Rear Frame 2520-01-503-6550 RFQ
Plate,intermediate,friction Clutch 2520-01-503-6853 An item specifically designed to be inserted between (2) two DISK, CLUTCH. It has a centrally located hole and its outer peripheral may include lugs or slot and the like. RFQ
Housing Part,transmission,mechanical 2520-01-503-6857 A rigid item of different shapes which, together with at least one further housing part, forms a HOUSING (2), TRANSMISSION, MECHANICAL. RFQ
Cover Fuel Sender 2520-01-503-7042 RFQ
Clutch Half,positive,vehicular 2520-01-503-7083 That portion of a CLUTCH,POSITIVE which transmits or receives motion or power by engagement with the mating member. RFQ
Yoke,universal Joint,vehicular 2520-01-503-7297 A component of a universal joint designed for vehicular applications. Consists of a fork-like device to accommodate the spider and bearings of a universal joint by various attaching methods. The opposite end must have either a flange, hub, or splined stub shaft which is designed to be attached to a driving or driven member. For items with a shaft, the length of the plain portion must not exceed the length of the splines. RFQ
Housing,torque Converter 2520-01-503-7309 A component designed to enclose the internal parts of a TORQUE CONVERTOR (As Modified), such as an IMPELLER, TORQUE CONVERTOR (As Modified), a TURBINE WHEEL, TORQUE CONVERTER and REACTOR, TURBINE WHEEL, TORQUE CONVERTER. RFQ
Transmission,hydraulic,vehicular 2520-01-503-7573 A device used on vehicular power transmission components to increase torque and/or change ratios between the drive and driven shaft or shafts by the medium of liquid under pressure within the unit. It may include a manual means for reversing rotation and changing speed ranges. Excludes TRANSMISSION, CROSS-DRIVE; and transmissions with controlled differentials. RFQ
Breather 2520-01-503-7740 A mechanical device designed to permit a free flow of air into and out of an enclosure, usually used on engine crankcase, vehicular differentials and transmissions, pumps, compressors, and the like. See also CAP, VENT, FUEL STORAGE TANK. excludes VENTALATOR (as modified). RFQ
Housing,friction Clutch 2520-01-503-7744 RFQ
Universal Joint,vehicular 2520-00-710-7962 A flexible connection designed for vehicular applications which permits rotary motion to be transmitted between two shafts located at an angle to each other. The angle between the shafts may be continually varied within certain limits; the connecting ends must have either a flange, hub, or splined stub shaft; the plain portion of a splined stub shaft must not exceed the length of the splines. Excludes drive or propeller shafts with joint(s) at one or both ends. See UNIVERSAL JOINT,GEARED. RFQ
Collar,gear Shift 2520-00-710-5886 RFQ
Pump Assy,oil 2520-00-710-5887 RFQ
Seal Ring,transmiss 2520-00-710-8620 RFQ
Parts Kit,friction Clutch 2520-00-710-8624 RFQ
Clutch Assembly,friction 2520-01-501-8884 A spring loaded device designed to connect and disconnect power between a driving device (engine, motor, and the like) and a driven member (transmission and the like). It may be of wet or dry design. Includes cover, and may include intermediate plates, and/or DISK, CLUTCH. RFQ
Transfer Transmission Assembly 2520-01-501-9589 That part of the mechanism of a vehicle which distributes engine torque from the transmission and provides a means to transfer it, usually, to the front and rear driving axles. RFQ
Shaft And Carrier Assembly,transmission 2520-01-502-1686 RFQ
Bezel Gear Shift 2520-00-005-7335 RFQ