FSC 2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; and Components

Includes Compressor and Turbine Rotors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil. Excludes Oil, Air, Anti-icing, and Hydraulic Regulators, Valves, and Pumps specially designed for Gas Turbines and Jet Engines (FSC 2995); Control Assemblies, Push-Pull (FSC 2995); Engine Mounted Control Assemblies (FSC 2995); Fuel System Components (FSC 2915); Engine Electrical System Components (FSC 2925); Engine Cooling System Components (FSC 2935); Engine Air/Oil Cleaner/Filter/Strainers (FSC 2945).

Name NSN Details  
Brackett Assy,oil,a 2840-01-502-8797 RFQ
Shield,heat,aircraft Gas Turbine Engine 2840-01-502-9002 A rigid item, fabricated from a heat resistant allow, with or without insulation material added. Designed to protect parts, areas or systems of an ENGINE, GAS TURBINE, AIRCRAFT from excessive heat damage. See also INSULATION BLANKET, THERMAL, AIRCRAFT GAS TURBINE ENGINE. RFQ
Casing,inner Gas 2840-01-502-9096 RFQ
Harness Assy,wiring 2840-01-502-9197 RFQ
Blade C5 2840-01-502-9315 RFQ
Blade C7 2840-01-502-9323 RFQ
Blade C1 2840-01-502-9318 RFQ
Blade C2 2840-01-502-9319 RFQ
Blade C3 2840-01-502-9320 RFQ
Blade C4 2840-01-502-9321 RFQ
Blade C6 2840-01-502-9322 RFQ
Blade C8 2840-01-502-9324 RFQ
Blade C9 2840-01-502-9325 RFQ
Blade C10 2840-01-502-9326 RFQ
Blade C11 2840-01-502-9327 RFQ
Blade C12 2840-01-502-9328 RFQ
Blade C13 2840-01-502-9329 RFQ
Blade C14 2840-01-502-9330 RFQ
Blade T1 2840-01-502-9331 RFQ
Blade T3 2840-01-502-9332 RFQ