FSC 2995 Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Aircraft

Includes Engine Dynafocal Suspension Mounts; Engine Cowling Mounts; Engine Mounted Control Assemblies; Pneumatic Starters; Push-Pull Control Assemblies;Specially designed Jet Engine Air, Oil, Anti-icing and Hydraulic Regulators; Valves and Pumps; Starting Units. Excludes Exhaust System; (FSC 1560); Jet Engine Hydraulic Reservoirs (FSC 2840); Jet Engine Oil Tanks (FSC 2840); Electrical Starters (FSC 2925); Cockpit Mounted Control Quadrants (FSC 1680); Aircraft Engine Covers (FSC 1730).

Name NSN Details  
Screen Element 2995-01-503-1843 RFQ
Engine,pre Heat Sys 2995-01-503-1840 RFQ
Screen Element 2995-01-503-1842 RFQ
Screen Element 2995-01-503-1845 RFQ
Shaft,drive,pump 2995-00-004-1337 RFQ
Housing Assembly 2995-00-004-1341 RFQ
Mount Assy,bearing 2995-00-004-1342 RFQ
Slinger,spacer,fan 2995-00-004-1343 RFQ
Diaphragm Assy,air 2995-00-004-1344 RFQ
Valve,ball Type 2995-00-710-5188 RFQ
Ball,valve 2995-00-710-5189 RFQ
Cover,intake Manifold 2995-01-502-1235 RFQ
Control Assembly,push-Pull 2995-01-502-1620 A control consisting of a wire, wire rope, or a center load rail with ball bearings, within a flexible conduit. One end must have a threaded sleeve for mounting to a wall, bulkhead, or handle, or clevis. It is used to operate or control, either manually or mechanically a mechanical device. It may include such attaching devices as nut(s), washer(s), clevis, bracket(s), and/or the like. For items designed to transmit rotary motion, see SHAFT ASSEMBLY, FLEXIBLE. RFQ
Diaphragm,governor,engine,aircraft 2995-01-502-2195 An item in the form of a thin sheet, film or membrane, made of metallic or non metallic material, which is mounted on an aircraft between the two halves of a housing. It is fixed at the edge to form an airtight seal. RFQ
Support,hub 2995-01-502-2281 RFQ
Regulator-Control,electronic,engine 2995-01-502-3832 An item designed for electronically regulating and controlling speed governors and volumetric flow regulators, injection pumps, turbochargers, the switching on and off and other operations as a function of engine speed and volumetric efficiency of the cylinders. Excludes GOVERNOR (1), DIESEL ENGINE and GOVERNOR (1), GASOLINE ENGINE. RFQ
Extension,inlet 2995-01-502-3836 RFQ
Starter,engine,air 2995-01-502-4120 An item consisting of an air motor and integral and associated components primarily designed to crank an internal combustion engine until it starts operating under its own power. It may include facilities for manual or mechanical activation. RFQ
Liner,bearing Housi 2995-01-502-4487 RFQ
Liner,pinion Bearin 2995-01-502-4488 RFQ