FSC 3415 Grinding Machines

Excludes Electrolytic Grinding Machines.

Name NSN Details  
Grinding Machine,tool And Cutter 3415-00-529-0315 RFQ
Grinding Machine,cylindrical 3415-00-529-0950 RFQ
Grinding Machine,surface,reciprocating 3415-00-529-0978 RFQ
Grinding Machine,surface,rotary 3415-00-540-7993 RFQ
Grinding Machine,surface,rotary 3415-01-134-4741 RFQ
Grinding Machine,rock Bit 3415-00-580-1436 RFQ
Grinding Machine,saw Tooth 3415-00-580-3240 A machine primarily designed to sharpen or shape saw teeth. RFQ
Grinding Machine,surface,reciprocating 3415-00-618-1344 RFQ
Grinding Machine,carbide Tool Bit 3415-00-618-6583 RFQ
Grinding Machine,cutlery 3415-00-618-6585 A motor driven device primarily designed for sharpening all types of cutlery, such as knives, cleavers, scissors, and the like, by the application of an abrasive belt, disk, or wheel. It is used in meat markets, dining rooms, kitchens, and industrial establishments. RFQ
Grinding Machine,cylindrical 3415-00-676-0722 RFQ
Grinding Machine,tool And Cutter 3415-00-684-5703 RFQ
Grinding Machine,ga 3415-00-698-6849 RFQ
Grinding Machine,tool And Cutter 3415-00-693-2610 RFQ
Guard,cover,grindin 3415-01-177-5556 RFQ
Grinding Machine,internal,chucking 3415-00-717-2421 RFQ
Grinding Machine,tool And Cutter 3415-00-723-7119 RFQ
Grinding Machine,internal,chucking 3415-00-727-2318 RFQ
Grinding Machine,surface,reciprocating 3415-00-727-2322 RFQ
Grinding Machine,internal,chucking 3415-00-729-3901 RFQ