FSC 3424 Metal Heat Treating and Non-Thermal Treating Equipment

Includes Hardening, Annealing, Tempering, Normalizing, Cyaniding, and Carburizing Equipment; Furnaces, Flue Welding, Non-Thermal Stress Relieving Systems.

Name NSN Details  
Chart N O 3424-01-169-6302 RFQ
Bar Support 3424-01-169-6303 RFQ
Element Segment 3424-01-169-6304 RFQ
Element Segment 3424-01-169-6306 RFQ
Element Segment 3424-01-169-6308 RFQ
Element Support 3424-01-169-6309 RFQ
Kit Element 3424-01-169-6315 RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-188-2927 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Stress Relieving Sy 3424-01-191-9569 RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-196-9066 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-209-2656 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Heater Element 3424-01-211-4590 RFQ
Furnace,heat Treat, 3424-01-210-5108 RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-218-2998 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Liner,wired,furnace 3424-01-223-2527 RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-431-3564 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-224-7934 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Furnace,heat Treating,electric 3424-01-230-5158 Excludes induction heating. RFQ
Heater,induction,high Frequency 3424-01-437-5622 A device designed for localized heating by means of a high frequency electric current that is caused to flow through the material to be heated by electromagnetic induction. Applications include heating for forging, annealing, hardening, soldering, and strain relief. Excludes FURNACE, METAL MELTING (AS MODIFIED). RFQ
Panel,instrument 3424-01-237-1779 RFQ