FSC 3438 Miscellaneous Welding Equipment

Includes Thermite Welding Equipment; Flux Recovery Machines; Flux Dispensers; Arc Converters; Welding Panels.

Name NSN Details  
Weld-Mac T-Mount A 3438-01-517-9410 RFQ
Linear Wld Insert 3438-01-530-7902 RFQ
Welding Unit 3438-01-548-1681 RFQ
Purge Chamber 3438-01-551-1712 RFQ
Contactor Kit 3438-01-565-4794 RFQ
Mirror,dicroic 3438-01-575-6773 RFQ
Cartridge,deionizer 3438-01-575-6775 RFQ
Welding Machine,ultrasonic,metal 3438-01-581-7439 This machine joins suitable metals and nonmetals by inducing longitudinal vibration in parts clamped to each other. The material commingles on an atomic level and bonds align in adjacent surfaces, the two essentially becomes one. The machine consists of power supply, horns, associated clamping and location devices and either piezoelectric converter or magnetic electric transducer. Frequencies used are from 20 to 60 kilohertz with amplitudes from .25 to 1.25 microns. RFQ
Purge Chamber 3438-01-586-2573 RFQ
Insulation Cassette 3438-01-593-2200 RFQ
Insul Cassette Lid 3438-01-593-2203 RFQ
Adaptor,yoke Medic 3438-01-593-3530 RFQ
Triac Welder 3438-01-599-0764 RFQ
Extractor,fume,weld 3438-01-600-1046 RFQ
Wedge Welder 3438-01-598-4701 RFQ
Mold,thermal Weldin 3438-00-503-3280 RFQ
Welding Machine,electron Beam 3438-01-629-7434 An automated welding process that sends highly accelerated electrons into the workpiece vaporizing a small focal cylinder to a depth of up to 8 in (20cm), melting the adjacent material. High vapor forces push material to the side, producing a key hole. As the beam advances the molten material surrounding the key hole flows to the rear and solidifies, creating an extremely narrow weld seam. Consisting of an electron beam gun, work chamber, workpiece manipulator, vacuum systems for gun and work chamber, power supply and controller. May include optical viewer. RFQ
Air Cooled Mig Gun 3438-01-632-1274 RFQ
Cable,welding Equip 3438-00-709-0728 RFQ
Airless Plastic Wel 3438-01-645-7910 RFQ