FSC 3443 Mechanical Presses, Power Driven

Includes Metal Powder Compacting Presses.

Name NSN Details  
Link Assembly,coin 3443-01-120-0946 RFQ
Link Assembly,coin 3443-01-120-0947 RFQ
Clutch And Brake As 3443-01-120-3971 RFQ
Side Plate,coin Pre 3443-01-120-3974 RFQ
Link Bearing 3443-01-120-8306 RFQ
Arm,carriage 3443-01-120-8307 RFQ
Link,coin Press 3443-01-120-8308 RFQ
Stake Guide 3443-01-124-2776 RFQ
Stake Guide 3443-01-124-2777 RFQ
Block,coin Press 3443-01-125-5915 RFQ
Feed Finger,coin Pr 3443-01-126-3870 RFQ
Feed Finger,coin Pr 3443-01-126-3871 RFQ
Feed Finger,coin Pr 3443-01-126-3872 RFQ
Feed Finger 3443-01-127-0813 RFQ
Feed Finger 3443-01-127-0814 RFQ
Feed Finger 3443-01-127-0815 RFQ
Insert,feed Finger 3443-01-127-3138 RFQ
Feed Finger 3443-01-127-0816 RFQ
Press,punch,power-Operated 3443-01-133-2134 A machine which performs forming, blanking, perforating, and indenting operations on sheet metal by exerting pressure upon the material. For machines specifically designed to separate or divide the material, see SHEARING MACHINE (as modified). RFQ
Stud,lug 3443-01-135-3105 RFQ