FSC 3443 Mechanical Presses, Power Driven

Includes Metal Powder Compacting Presses.

Name NSN Details  
Lug,coin Press 3443-01-144-4230 RFQ
Lining,friction 3443-01-158-3822 A fibrous and/or metallic material with or without binders and/or compounds, cut or molded to a specific size. It may be a segment or a complete lining. It is usually designed to be fastened to a shoe, disk, band, cone, or the like, but may be installed without fastening. It provides a friction surface for transmitting, retarding, or stopping motion. Excludes LINING MATERIAL, FRICTION. RFQ
Pin 3443-01-168-0697 RFQ
Pin 3443-01-168-0698 RFQ
Bushing 3443-01-168-0700 RFQ
Bushing 3443-01-168-0699 RFQ
Post,carriage 3443-01-168-0706 RFQ
Brace,carriage 3443-01-171-1471 RFQ
Arm,carriage 3443-01-181-9440 RFQ
Post,carriage 3443-01-181-9438 RFQ
Arm,carriage 3443-01-181-9439 RFQ
Feed Finger Assembl 3443-01-200-2326 RFQ
Knee Block 3443-01-200-2327 RFQ
Feed Finger Assembl 3443-01-200-2323 RFQ
Feed Finger Assembl 3443-01-200-2322 RFQ
Feed Finger Assembl 3443-01-200-2324 RFQ
Insert,pick-Up 3443-01-202-4533 RFQ
Liner,carriage Guid 3443-01-202-4534 RFQ
Insert,pick-Up 3443-01-202-4532 RFQ
Wedge Stop,front 3443-01-208-2095 RFQ