FSC 3450 Machine Tools, Portable

Includes Portable Abrasive Cutting Machines; Portable Drilling Machines; Portable Slotters and Shapers. Excludes Stationary Type Machine Tools mounted on portable devices such as wheel or leg type stands.

Name NSN Details  
Threading Machine,pipe And Bolt 3450-01-509-6030 RFQ
Threading Machine,pipe And Bolt 3450-01-523-9753 RFQ
Threading Machine,pipe And Bolt 3450-01-524-2197 RFQ
Drilling Machine,upright 3450-01-561-5585 A drilling machine with vertical single or multiple spindle(s). RFQ
Saw,power Hack,portable 3450-00-317-8046 A power driven reciprocating frame type sawing machine, designed to be clamped on the material to be cut, for use in pipeline trenches and general on-the-job cutting. RFQ
Tool Kit,medium Cra 3450-01-570-0732 RFQ
Drilling Machine,upright 3450-01-575-1751 A drilling machine with vertical single or multiple spindle(s). RFQ
Kit,roller Cutter 3450-01-590-8796 RFQ
Body,rolloff Cutter 3450-01-590-8798 RFQ
Guide,roll-Off 3450-01-590-8830 RFQ
Axle 3450-01-590-8832 RFQ
Wheel,piercing 3450-01-590-8834 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8835 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8838 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8841 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8843 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8846 RFQ
Wheel,follower 3450-01-590-8847 RFQ
Wheel,follower180 3450-01-590-8848 RFQ
Crimping-Punching Tool,pneumatic 3450-01-597-9180 INC 67225 REINSTATED ON 062413~A hand-held, air-operated tool designed for crimping and punching holes in sheet metal. For items designed to crimp contacts and electrical wire, see CRIMPING TOOL, PNEUMATIC. RFQ