FSC 3540 Wrapping and Packaging Machinery

Includes Filling Machines; Container Capping Machines; Label Applying Machines; Package Sealing Machines; Paperboard Box, Case and Tray Making Machines; Strapping Machines; Stapling Machines, except Office Type. Excludes Paperboard Manufacturing Machinery.

Name NSN Details  
Knotter Head Pivot 3540-00-919-8971 RFQ
Post,knotter Releas 3540-00-919-8972 RFQ
Stringholder Assemb 3540-00-919-8973 RFQ
Tie Rod Base 3540-00-919-8936 RFQ
Stringholer,ply Of 3540-00-919-8974 RFQ
Knife Trap 3540-00-919-8975 RFQ
Knife Trap Lever 3540-00-919-8977 RFQ
Spring,knife Trap 3540-00-919-8978 RFQ
Stud,knife Trap Spr 3540-00-919-8979 RFQ
Knife 3540-00-919-8980 RFQ
Spring,stringholder 3540-00-919-8982 RFQ
Lever,release Strin 3540-00-919-8983 RFQ
Key,cam Wheel 3540-00-919-8984 RFQ
Trough Standard 3540-00-919-8937 RFQ
Frame Left End 3540-00-919-8930 RFQ
Frame Right End 3540-00-919-8931 RFQ
Frame Near Side Fra 3540-00-919-8932 RFQ
Frame Far Side Long 3540-00-919-8933 RFQ
Base Left Side 5l 3540-00-919-8934 RFQ
Trough Bracket Left 3540-00-919-8939 RFQ