FSC 3540 Wrapping and Packaging Machinery

Includes Filling Machines; Container Capping Machines; Label Applying Machines; Package Sealing Machines; Paperboard Box, Case and Tray Making Machines; Strapping Machines; Stapling Machines, except Office Type. Excludes Paperboard Manufacturing Machinery.

Name NSN Details  
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5435 RFQ
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5436 RFQ
Rod,bar Cover,seali 3540-01-421-5437 RFQ
Sealing Bar,lower,i 3540-01-421-5440 RFQ
Holding Strip,seali 3540-01-421-5441 RFQ
Holding Strip,seali 3540-01-421-5442 RFQ
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5443 RFQ
Holding Strip,seali 3540-01-421-5444 RFQ
Sealing Bar,lower,i 3540-01-421-5446 RFQ
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5447 RFQ
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5448 RFQ
Sealing Bar,iron,el 3540-01-421-5449 RFQ
Cover 3540-01-421-5450 RFQ
Rod,bar Cover,seali 3540-01-421-5451 RFQ
Holding Strip,seali 3540-01-421-5452 RFQ
Cover 3540-01-421-5453 RFQ
Rod,bar Cover,seali 3540-01-421-5454 RFQ
Rod,bar Cover,seali 3540-01-421-5456 RFQ
Rod,bar Cover,seali 3540-01-421-5457 RFQ
Holding Strip,seali 3540-01-421-5459 RFQ