FSC 3540 Wrapping and Packaging Machinery

Includes Filling Machines; Container Capping Machines; Label Applying Machines; Package Sealing Machines; Paperboard Box, Case and Tray Making Machines; Strapping Machines; Stapling Machines, except Office Type. Excludes Paperboard Manufacturing Machinery.

Name NSN Details  
Strapping Machine,p 3540-00-559-1440 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-565-6240 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-565-6241 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-565-6242 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-565-6243 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-565-6244 RFQ
Stapler,electric 3540-00-579-8521 RFQ
Roll,feed Assembly 3540-00-600-0670 RFQ
Roll,feed Assembly 3540-00-600-0669 RFQ
Strapping And Sealing Kit 3540-00-591-2758 RFQ
Machine,preservatio 3540-00-652-4558 RFQ
Block,stripper Heat 3540-00-684-8292 RFQ
Bracket,stripper He 3540-00-684-8293 RFQ
Seat,valve 3540-00-685-2125 A replaceable item designed to provide a stationary seating surface for a mating, moveable item such as a valve disk or the like. The body may have a flange of various shapes. For diesel and gasoline reciprocating engines, see INSERT, ENGINE VALVE SEAT. RFQ
Shaft,clutch Pulley 3540-00-685-2344 RFQ
Pin,heater Support 3540-00-685-2517 RFQ
Pin,heater Support 3540-00-685-3158 RFQ
Bracket Assembly 3540-00-685-6357 RFQ
Link,heater Support 3540-00-685-6956 RFQ
Block,heater 3540-00-685-7821 RFQ