FSC 3625 Textile Industries Machinery

Includes Cotton Ginning Machinery; Looms; Button Covering Machines; Rope Laying Machines; Lace Machines.

Name NSN Details  
Loom 3625-01-502-7251 RFQ
Taper Faced Capstan 3625-01-520-6331 RFQ
Upright,aircraft,ma 3625-01-520-9638 RFQ
Loom,weaving 3625-01-532-7927 RFQ
Knife 8 Inch 3625-01-632-7905 RFQ
Table,cutting And Trimming,textile 3625-00-074-9686 An item having a flat working surface supported by legs or other support with a storage shelf below in lieu of leg space. It is designed to spread textiles on while cutting desired shapes by the use of templates or patterns. RFQ
Feed Roll,counter 3625-00-249-0938 RFQ
Braider Machine 3625-01-032-4965 RFQ
Rug Binding Machine 3625-00-268-6145 RFQ
Pinking Machine 3625-00-288-0400 A manual- or power-operated device with cutters having saw-tooth patterned cutting edges which in cutting duplicate their pattern in the edge of the fabric. Excludes SHEARS (1), PINKING. RFQ
Machine,fabric Rewi 3625-00-311-1819 RFQ
Disc,cutting 3625-00-504-1845 RFQ
Machine,pinking 3625-00-524-6925 RFQ
Bench,weaving 3625-01-057-3990 RFQ
Rack,spool And Bobb 3625-01-057-3991 RFQ
Reel,warping,weavin 3625-01-057-3992 RFQ
Shuttle,weaving Rug 3625-01-057-6219 RFQ
Loom,weaving 3625-01-057-6353 RFQ
Beater,tapestry 3625-01-057-6218 RFQ
Loom,weaving 3625-01-057-6352 RFQ