FSC 3660 Industrial Size Reduction Machinery

Excludes Chemical Products and Construction and Mining Type Crushing, Pulverizing, Screening and Mixing Machinery; Maintenance and Repair Shop Type Mixers.

Name NSN Details  
Shredder,cd 3660-01-582-0436 RFQ
Screen,engraving 3660-00-337-1400 RFQ
Screen 3660-00-406-1379 RFQ
Shredder,multiappli 3660-00-556-4948 RFQ
Sifter,sonic,dry Ma 3660-01-036-9564 RFQ
Cylinder,actuating,linear 3660-01-076-9614 A cylinder designed to house a piston and other necessary component parts of a CYLINDER ASSEMBLY, ACTUATING, LINEAR. Do not use if a more specific name applies. RFQ
Mill,vibratory 3660-01-108-7795 RFQ
Shredder,top Soil 3660-01-112-8363 RFQ
Shaft And Sprocket 3660-01-117-5699 RFQ
Scraper,dispersion 3660-01-119-2918 RFQ
Scraper,dispersion 3660-01-119-2919 RFQ
Blade,scraper,dispe 3660-01-119-2917 RFQ
Blade,scraper,dispe 3660-01-119-2916 RFQ
Knives 3660-01-209-2691 RFQ
Flywheel,comminutor 3660-01-209-8460 RFQ
Blocks,cutter 3660-01-210-1871 RFQ
Flywheel 3660-01-221-7664 RFQ
Shredder,drum 3660-01-380-5383 RFQ
Tub Grinder 3660-01-385-1908 RFQ