FSC 3770 Saddlery, Harness, Whips, and Related Animal Furnishings

Includes Dog Harnesses; Leads.

Name NSN Details  
Accessory,dog Train 3770-01-519-0249 RFQ
Muzzle,dog 3770-01-519-0271 RFQ
Muzzle,dog 3770-01-519-0272 RFQ
Spray,chew Guard 3770-01-529-0043 RFQ
Hoof Tester 3770-01-529-0046 RFQ
Pouch,farrier,roll- 3770-01-529-0056 RFQ
Drencher,backpack,c 3770-01-529-0069 RFQ
Marking Stick,ident 3770-01-529-0083 RFQ
Lariat,veterinary 3770-01-529-0095 RFQ
Collar,dog 3770-01-529-0706 RFQ
Flea-Tick Treatment 3770-01-529-0731 RFQ
Twitch,rope,equine 3770-01-529-0830 RFQ
Gag,equine 3770-01-529-6277 RFQ
Prod,livestock 3770-01-529-6589 RFQ
Kennel,dog 3770-01-534-2351 RFQ
Muzzle,dog 3770-00-170-1495 RFQ
Leash,dog 3770-00-171-1256 RFQ
Leash,dog 3770-00-171-1258 RFQ
Holder,hog 3770-01-542-5335 A snare type device consisting of a length of metal cable which is looped at one end and connected to a handle at the other. Used for restraing a hog. RFQ
Boot,dog 3770-01-555-7999 RFQ