FSC 4230 Decontaminating and Impregnating Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Pouch,accessory 4230-01-171-2565 RFQ
Lid Assembly,heat-F 4230-01-171-2571 RFQ
Decontaminating Apparatus 4230-00-720-1618 An assemblage of, but not restricted to, such items as heaters, tanks, pumps, hoses, protective clothing, decontaminating agents, and tools required to decontaminate personnel, objects, and/or areas that have been contaminated by chemical agents, It may include a power source such as a diesel or gasoline engine, or have facilities for power take-off, or may be manually operated. It may be capable of mounting on a drum, truck, trailer, skid, or manually carried. See also DECONTAMINANT DISPOSAL UNIT. Excludes DECONTAMINATING KIT, SKIN. RFQ
Handle 4230-00-775-7540 RFQ
Stem,valve 4230-00-775-8924 RFQ
Tip And Insert Asse 4230-00-776-2940 RFQ
Nozzle Assembly 4230-00-776-2939 RFQ
Body,cutoff 4230-00-776-2938 RFQ
Cap And Chain Assem 4230-00-776-6021 RFQ
Blade,paddle 4230-00-776-6023 RFQ
Valve Assembly,cuto 4230-00-776-6025 RFQ
Lever,thumb 4230-00-777-1052 RFQ
Valve Assembly,cuto 4230-00-778-6533 RFQ
Pin,arming 4230-00-785-7963 RFQ
Piercing Pin Assemb 4230-00-795-9472 RFQ
Gun Assembly 4230-00-820-1846 RFQ
Repair Kit,spray Gu 4230-00-855-7564 RFQ
Harness Assembly 4230-00-869-5516 RFQ
Stem 4230-00-872-6995 RFQ
Impregnating Plant,clothing 4230-00-889-2394 An assembly of specially designed equipment used to impregnate clothing with chemicals which neutralize vapor and small drops of certain war gases thus assuring limited protection to using personnel. RFQ