FSC 4240 Safety and Rescue Equipment

Includes Portable Fire Escapes; Safety Nets, Nonbuoyant. Excludes Divers' Suits; Fixed Fire Escapes.

Name NSN Details  
Lanyard,safety,industrial 4240-01-502-9401 A fiber rope or webbing that can be fitted with one or more snap hooks of predetermined length, with shock absorbing qualities, to be used with BELT,SAFETY,INDUSTRIAL.or HARNESS,SAFETY,INDUSTRIAL. The fiber rope or webbing may be wound on a reel. RFQ
Life Detector Main 4240-01-502-9679 RFQ
Base Assy 4240-01-502-9709 RFQ
Container Assy 4240-01-502-9710 RFQ
Scrubber Bottom 4240-01-502-9711 RFQ
Container Assy 4240-01-502-9712 RFQ
Oxygen Delivery Ass 4240-01-502-9713 RFQ
Harness Assembly 4240-01-502-9714 RFQ
Cover,special 4240-01-503-0448 RFQ
Kit,percussive Resc 4240-01-503-4608 RFQ
Tool,biel 4240-01-503-4609 RFQ
Kit,airgun,rescue 4240-01-503-5020 RFQ
Harness Assembly,mask,oxygen 4240-01-503-6901 A retainer to secure a mask, oxygen to a persons face and helmet. It may consist of webbing, buckles, adapter and bayonet fittings. RFQ
Environmental Control Unit,personnel,self-Contained 4240-01-501-8307 A portable device designed to provide respiratory and ventilation requirements for the user. It is provided with a harness for wearing beneath a protective clothing outfit, or provided with a handle for carrying in the hand with a facility to connect it to a pressure suit inlet, to provide the wearer with ventilation to prevent overheating during transit from ready-room to craft. Excludes BREATHING APPARATUS, SELF-CONTAINED and RESPIRATOR OUTFIT. RFQ
Belt,safety,industrial 4240-01-501-9687 An adjustable band of flexible material having means for connecting the ends designed to be worn on the person by workmen such as linemen, firemen, forestry workers and the like, which, when used with a safety strap or life line, affords support and protection against falling. Excludes BELT, AIRCRAFT SAFETY, LAP; and BELT, AIRCRAFT SAFETY, WAIST. RFQ
Respirator,air Filtering 4240-01-502-0624 An individual respiratory protective device, designed to remove organic vapors, solid particles and/or light concentrations of poisonous gas if with chemical cartridge(s). It may include a hood designed to cover user's head. RFQ
Hose Assy,oxygen 4240-01-502-2145 RFQ
Shield,bag 4240-01-502-7040 RFQ
Shield,face 4240-01-502-7041 RFQ
Rack,stowage 4240-01-502-7030 RFQ