FSC 4470 Nuclear Reactors

Includes Refueling Machines; Ion Chamber Seals; Thermal Barriers; Control Rods; Steam Generators, Pressurized Water; Reactor Vessel Shells; Handling Carts; Hoisting Units, New and Spent Cartridge.

Name NSN Details  
Seal Ring,nuclear Coolant System 4470-00-001-4387 An item designed to be seal welded to segments on components of a nuclear power plant coolant system, such as valves, demineralizers, heat exchangers, pumps, and the like, to form an efficient seal against the leakage of the primary coolant to the ambient. Excludes SEAL RING, METAL. RFQ
Diaphragm,condom Sp 4470-01-503-6266 RFQ
Pni 18 In Instr-Ch4 4470-01-503-8567 RFQ
Pni 72 Inch Base 4470-01-503-8578 RFQ
Rpcp Right Int Inst 4470-01-503-8566 RFQ
Rpcp Left Int Instr 4470-01-503-8564 RFQ
Pni 18 In Instr-Ch2 4470-01-503-8569 RFQ
Pni 18 In Instr-Ch1 4470-01-503-8571 RFQ
Pni 18 In Instr-Ch3 4470-01-503-8572 RFQ
Pni 18 In Door-Ch3 4470-01-503-8574 RFQ
Pni 18 In Door-Ch1 4470-01-503-8575 RFQ
Pni 18 In Door-Ch4 4470-01-503-8576 RFQ
Pni 18 In Door-Ch2 4470-01-503-8577 RFQ
Rpcp Drip Shield 4470-01-503-8579 RFQ
Rpcp Integ Up Slope 4470-01-503-8580 RFQ
Rpcp Integ Base 4470-01-503-8581 RFQ
Rpcp Int Apron 4470-01-503-8583 RFQ
Diaphragm 4470-00-710-3382 RFQ
Insert,handhole 4470-00-710-3385 RFQ
Tube Mount Special 4470-00-710-8162 RFQ