FSC 4530 Fuel Burning Equipment Units

Includes Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burners.

Name NSN Details  
Plate Assembly 4530-00-383-5690 RFQ
Form,refactory 4530-00-383-5692 RFQ
Plateandrod Assembl 4530-00-383-5693 RFQ
Sweep Assembly 4530-00-383-5701 RFQ
Housing 4530-00-383-6723 RFQ
Spider 4530-00-383-7953 RFQ
Atomizer 4530-00-383-7952 RFQ
Bellows Assembly 4530-00-383-7959 RFQ
Atomizer 4530-00-383-7974 RFQ
Nozzle,air 4530-00-383-8045 RFQ
Burner Head Unit 4530-00-386-9974 RFQ
Valve,fuel Control, 4530-00-386-9978 RFQ
Generator,gasoline Burner 4530-00-386-9986 A metal tube in which gas is produced from gasoline by the application of heat. It is a maintenance part of a gasoline burner. RFQ
Burner,5000 Btu 4530-00-386-9991 RFQ
Burner,gas-Oil,combination 4530-00-388-9386 A mechanical device designed to convey a predetermined amount of gas or fuel oil; and which when mixed with the proper amount of forced air results in a mixture suitable for burning in a combustion chamber to produce heat. The fuel oil or gas is used alternately as desired. RFQ
Yoke And Tee Handle 4530-00-391-5781 RFQ
Yoke Assembly 4530-00-391-5787 RFQ
Handle,spring 4530-00-391-8594 RFQ
Housing Assembly 4530-00-391-8595 RFQ
Burner Gasoline 4530-00-398-4120 RFQ