FSC 4530 Fuel Burning Equipment Units

Includes Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burners.

Name NSN Details  
Body,nozzle 4530-01-027-9397 RFQ
Parts Kit,seal Replacement,mechanical Equipment 4530-01-029-1219 A parts kit consisting of numerous items. The kit may contain seals, gaskets, packing, and/or retainers for repairing mechanical equipment. Excludes kits including tools, collars, pins, sleeves and associated hardware. Excluds PARTS KIT (1), SEAL REPLACEMENT, ARTILLERY. RFQ
Quardant,crank Hand 4530-01-029-6858 RFQ
Separator,oil Burne 4530-01-029-7559 RFQ
Atomizer Assembly 4530-01-029-7560 RFQ
Barrel,atomizer 4530-01-030-1653 RFQ
Burner Vise Bracket 4530-01-030-5440 RFQ
Cone,bladed 4530-01-030-7542 RFQ
Door,air 4530-01-030-7928 RFQ
Tip End Assembly 4530-01-030-8310 RFQ
Distance Piece 4530-01-030-8312 RFQ
Cover Plate Hub 4530-01-030-8583 RFQ
Register Ring 4530-01-030-8584 RFQ
Tee Handle 4530-01-030-8585 RFQ
Door 4530-01-030-8589 RFQ
Spool 4530-01-030-8591 RFQ
Cam,piston 4530-01-030-9240 RFQ
Seat,piston 4530-01-031-0532 RFQ
Atomizer Assembly 4530-01-027-1191 RFQ
Kit,spare Tube 4530-01-027-1549 RFQ