FSC 4530 Fuel Burning Equipment Units

Includes Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burners.

Name NSN Details  
Tailpiece,burner 4530-01-183-2447 RFQ
Yoke,pilot Mount 4530-01-183-2448 RFQ
Throat Assembly,bur 4530-01-183-4707 RFQ
Gun Assembly 4530-01-183-4708 RFQ
Head Assembly 4530-01-183-4709 RFQ
Socket,oil Piping 4530-01-183-4710 RFQ
Whirl Plate,burner 4530-01-184-0498 RFQ
Mixer Assembly,burn 4530-01-184-0499 RFQ
Mount Assembly,scan 4530-01-184-0789 RFQ
Ball,scanner Mount 4530-01-184-0790 RFQ
Door Assembly,burne 4530-01-184-0788 RFQ
Yoke,scanner Mounti 4530-01-184-0791 RFQ
Plate,cover Burner 4530-01-184-1093 RFQ
Screen,burner 4530-01-184-3951 RFQ
Cap,nozzle,burner 4530-01-184-3952 RFQ
Piping,socket,steam 4530-01-184-3953 RFQ
Atomizer Assembly,b 4530-01-184-3954 RFQ
Nozzle,oil Burner,pressure Atomizing 4530-01-184-3992 An essentially tubular fitting which forms the combustion outlet end of the fuel feed line in a pressure oil burner. It has a single, threaded oil inlet connection at one end and a nonconnected outlet at the other through which the oil is released in the boiler combustion chamber in the form of a spray. Outlet tip may be separable. May include strainer, filter, and/or adapter. RFQ
Sleeve,mixer 4530-01-184-4395 RFQ
Nozzle,body,remixer 4530-01-184-4396 RFQ