FSC 4540 Waste Disposal Equipment

Includes Compactors; Destructors; Garbage Disposals; Incinerators; Septic Tanks.

Name NSN Details  
Compactor,refuse 4540-01-503-2911 A device used to compress trash, waste material, and the like into a smaller size for ease of disposal. It may compress the trash inside a drum, bag, box, or other container and may be electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically, or manually operated, See also COMPACTOR, TRASH, INDUSTRIAL. RFQ
Heating Blanket,electrical 4540-01-502-7919 A flexible heating system in blanket form, designed for temperature control under changing ambient conditions. See also HEATING ELEMENT (as modified) and PAD, HEAT TREATMENT. RFQ
Ring,grind 4540-01-505-8547 RFQ
Heater,cathode Assy 4540-00-021-6809 RFQ
Guide,left Side 4540-01-509-3052 RFQ
Drain Pan Assembly 4540-01-509-3048 RFQ
Panel,left Wall 4540-01-509-3050 RFQ
Drip Guide Assembly 4540-01-509-3044 RFQ
Vent Box Assembly 4540-01-509-3047 RFQ
Guide Assembly,righ 4540-01-509-3045 RFQ
Guide,front 4540-01-509-3051 RFQ
Guide Assembly,back 4540-01-509-3046 RFQ
Guide Assembly,back 4540-01-509-3053 RFQ
Panel,right Wall 4540-01-509-3049 RFQ
Filler,drip Guide 4540-01-509-3056 RFQ
Housing Control 4540-01-509-9099 RFQ
Parts Kit,garbage Disposal 4540-01-512-2294 RFQ
Parts Kit,garbage Disposal 4540-01-512-2346 RFQ
Heating Element,electrical,immersion Type 4540-00-051-1372 An electrical device in the form of a resistor consisting of a resistance wire, an insulating material, and a sheath. It is designed to transform electrical current into heat while immersed in a liquid to be heated or in contact with materials to be melted. It may include an automatic control to regulate the amount of heat generated. RFQ
Control,flame Safeguard 4540-01-513-7648 An item providing electronic flame safeguard protection for gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners. It shuts off the flow of gas-oil or initiates a warning signal in the event of a power or flame failure. It may include restart capability, flame detector, relay, flame rod, push button stop-start control, or a combination thereof. Excludes CONTROL, COMBUSTION, OIL BURNER; and CONTROL, FUEL FLOW, OIL BURNER. RFQ