FSC 4920 Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Maintenance stands designed for support of aircraft assemblies during repair or overhaul; Test Stands and Test Equipment specially designed for maintenance and repair of aircraft components such as: engines, generators, hydraulic systems, armament, automatic pilot, fire control, flight control, and navigational systems. Excludes Hand Tools; Airfield Maintenance Platforms; Basic types of electrical and electronic test instruments, including those specially designed, such as ammeters, voltmeters ohmmeters, multimeters, and similar instruments, as shown in the indexes to the FSC; Test Apparatus used for both communications and other electrical and electronic equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Twin Tube Hose Assy 4920-01-514-6027 RFQ
Male Hose Plug,airc 4920-01-514-6054 RFQ
Receptacle M,aircra 4920-01-514-6033 RFQ
Depth Gage,aircraft 4920-01-514-6034 RFQ
Storage Pos Dia,air 4920-01-514-6051 RFQ
Depth Gage,aircraft 4920-01-514-6052 RFQ
Depth Gage,aircraft 4920-01-514-6053 RFQ
Adapter,aircraft,ma 4920-01-514-6059 RFQ
Installation And Removal Tool,bushing 4920-01-514-6556 An item specifically designed to perform attaching and interface functions on aircraft fuel tanks. RFQ
Cable Assembly,interface Device,electrical 4920-01-514-7296 A specifically designed item, with or without branches, having one or more ends processed or terminated in fittings for use between Units Under Test and interface devices. RFQ
Lifting Fixture,eru 4920-01-514-7360 RFQ
Foreward Body Jack 4920-01-514-8005 RFQ
Aft Body Jack,aircr 4920-01-514-8006 RFQ
Tool And Equipment Kit,hydraulic System Components Test Stand 4920-01-514-8009 A group of items specifically designed to perform maintenance ON A TEST STAND,HYDRAULIC SYSTEM COMPONENTS (11017). RFQ
Tool,insert,pga 4920-01-514-8010 RFQ
Maintenance Kit,aircraft 4920-01-514-8299 A maintenance kit for components of airplanes, helicopters, and the like. RFQ
Fixture,aircraft Maintenance 4920-01-514-8361 A fixture designed to hold/position aircraft components to facilitate inspection, repair, testing and/or replacement of components. D0 not use if a more specific name applies. See FIXTURE (1) (as modified). RFQ
Adapter,pressure Test 4920-01-514-8368 An item which provides the facilities for connecting hydraulic or pneumatic items to be tested to a piece of test equipment. Excludes ADAPTER, MECHANICAL TEST; and ADAPTER (2), TEST. RFQ
Adapter,test,swivel 4920-01-514-8383 RFQ
Test Set,countermea 4920-01-514-8385 RFQ