FSC 4925 Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, and Checkout Specialized Equipment

Includes Specially designed maintenance, test, checkout, and repair shop specialized equipment, for maintenance and repair of ammunition items; adapters, ammunition feeders and hoppers; inspection and holding fixtures; linkers, linkers-delinkers, and delinkers to assemble and disassemble ammunition belts; surveillance ovens; explosimeters; primer firing device fixtures; mandrels; repositioning machines; gas bomb service kits; test fixtures; panels; plug assemblies; and test sets for ammunition maintenance, checkout and repair. Excludes Maintenance, repair, checkout and test equipment specially designed for use with guided missiles, guided missile remote control systems, guided missile systems; fire control; nuclear ordnance; rockets, underwater mines and depth charges; torpedoes; space vehicles and test equipment for aircraft weapon launchers; basic types of electrical and electronic test instruments, such as ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, and similar instruments, as shown in the indexes to the FSC.

Name NSN Details  
Adapter 4925-00-710-4638 RFQ
Cable Knockout Tool 4925-01-506-4475 RFQ
Tool,lock Ring 4925-01-506-4486 RFQ
Tool,retaining Clip 4925-01-506-4560 RFQ
Tool Assembly,cable 4925-01-506-6848 RFQ
Pick,bomb Tool Kit 4925-01-506-6886 RFQ
Tool Assembly,cable 4925-01-506-6880 RFQ
Dowel,wooden 4925-01-506-7171 RFQ
Sleeve,gripper 4925-01-506-7205 RFQ
Wiring Harness,swit 4925-01-507-7671 RFQ
Fuse Spanner 4925-01-509-8834 RFQ
Transfer System,ammunition 4925-01-513-0272 An intermediate system used to transfer loose ammunition from storage configuration to replenish a loading system. May be manually or mechanically driven. For systems concerned with linked ammunition, use LINKER-DELINKER, HAND; LINKER-DELINKER, POWERED; LINKER, HAND; or LINKER, POWERED. RFQ
Test Set,laser Guided Bomb 4925-01-515-0392 A test set primarily designed for the testing of laser guided bombs. RFQ
Programmer,electronic Command Signals 4925-01-515-6372 An item which processes electronic command signals in a manner and sequence suitable for the predetermined automatic control of another item such as a missile or electronic computer. RFQ
Inserter Remover To 4925-00-071-9331 RFQ
Test Set,electrical 4925-00-073-5159 RFQ
Test Set,laser Guided Bomb 4925-01-521-9662 A test set primarily designed for the testing of laser guided bombs. RFQ
Track,longitudinal 4925-01-522-0852 RFQ
Test Set,laser Guided Bomb 4925-01-522-8012 A test set primarily designed for the testing of laser guided bombs. RFQ
Shop Equipment,ammunition 4925-01-523-3123 RFQ