FSC 4925 Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, and Checkout Specialized Equipment

Includes Specially designed maintenance, test, checkout, and repair shop specialized equipment, for maintenance and repair of ammunition items; adapters, ammunition feeders and hoppers; inspection and holding fixtures; linkers, linkers-delinkers, and delinkers to assemble and disassemble ammunition belts; surveillance ovens; explosimeters; primer firing device fixtures; mandrels; repositioning machines; gas bomb service kits; test fixtures; panels; plug assemblies; and test sets for ammunition maintenance, checkout and repair. Excludes Maintenance, repair, checkout and test equipment specially designed for use with guided missiles, guided missile remote control systems, guided missile systems; fire control; nuclear ordnance; rockets, underwater mines and depth charges; torpedoes; space vehicles and test equipment for aircraft weapon launchers; basic types of electrical and electronic test instruments, such as ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, and similar instruments, as shown in the indexes to the FSC.

Name NSN Details  
Test Set,mine 4925-00-093-0874 RFQ
Test Set,mine 4925-00-093-0881 RFQ
Tool Set 4925-00-093-0934 RFQ
Tool Set 4925-00-093-0940 RFQ
Tool Set 4925-00-093-0942 RFQ
Tool Set 4925-00-093-0954 RFQ
Anchor,hose Restrai 4925-00-096-0068 RFQ
Bracket,cable Restr 4925-00-096-0196 RFQ
Modifcation Kit,amm 4925-00-089-2792 RFQ
Test Set,continuity,igniter Circuit 4925-00-907-2894 A test set calibrated in ohms, designed to measure the continuity of the electro-explosive igniter circuits used in missiles, jettisoning equipment, and the like. RFQ
Tool,alignment 4925-00-918-5693 RFQ
Molding Tool,nozzle 4925-00-123-3353 RFQ
Injector Assembly 4925-00-126-0819 RFQ
Cable Assy,test 4925-00-923-1484 RFQ
Fixture,ammunition Maintenance 4925-00-923-1485 A part or group of parts that are designed to hold or position ammunition to facilitate inspection, repair, testing and/or replacement of components. Excludes fixtures designed for repair of guided missiles. RFQ
Lubricator-Resizer 4925-00-118-9628 RFQ
Shop Equipment,ammunition 4925-00-119-2695 RFQ
Cartridge Guide,rea 4925-00-135-1574 RFQ
Stripper,rear 4925-00-135-1571 RFQ
Stripper,front 4925-00-135-1572 RFQ