FSC 4933 Weapons Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Maintenance Stands, Fixtures, and Jigs. Excludes Atomic Ordnance Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment; Airborne Weapons Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Shield,splash,liquid 4933-01-502-8805 A disk-shaped concave item with a center hole designed to fit around a cylindrical shaped item. It is used to protect the operator from backsplash when transferring liquids. RFQ
Target,boresight Alignment 4933-00-001-8337 A circular disc, usually metallic, which has alternate solid and cut-out quadrants. It is specifically designed to fit a cell used to bore sight a target. Excludes TARGET, BORESIGHTING. RFQ
Pilot And Rod Assy 4933-00-710-6357 RFQ
Compressor,stuffing 4933-00-710-6358 RFQ
Sleeve,assembling,e 4933-00-710-6347 RFQ
Fixture,clamping,sp 4933-00-710-6359 RFQ
Pein,riveting,machi 4933-00-710-6303 RFQ
Post,anvil 4933-00-710-6293 RFQ
Pein,riveting,machi 4933-00-710-6294 RFQ
Pein,riveting,machi 4933-00-710-6304 RFQ
Post,anvil 4933-00-710-6296 RFQ
Pein,riveting,machi 4933-00-710-6300 RFQ
Pein,riveting,machi 4933-00-710-6301 RFQ
Anvil,riveting 4933-00-710-6306 RFQ
Anvil,riveting 4933-00-710-6311 RFQ
Plate,holding,rivet 4933-00-710-6313 RFQ
Post,anvil 4933-00-710-6327 RFQ
Guide,piston Packin 4933-00-710-6346 RFQ
Anvil Assy,riveting 4933-00-710-6331 RFQ
Anvil Assy,riveting 4933-00-710-6332 RFQ