FSC 4933 Weapons Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Maintenance Stands, Fixtures, and Jigs. Excludes Atomic Ordnance Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment; Airborne Weapons Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Compressor,gun Recoil Spring 4933-00-559-5677 An item specifically designed to facilitate the compression and decompression of the helical spring(s) in equilibrators, recoil and counter-recoil cylinders, and recuperators on an artillery weapon. RFQ
Counterbore Assembl 4933-00-565-3459 RFQ
Wrench Box 4933-00-557-0769 RFQ
Screwdriver,rifle 4933-00-556-4038 RFQ
Tool,assembling,saf 4933-00-556-4169 RFQ
Set,stacking,swivel 4933-00-556-4165 RFQ
Cap Assy,air Test 4933-00-556-4760 RFQ
Jack,screw 4933-00-557-4971 RFQ
Rammer,unloading,mi 4933-00-557-0983 RFQ
Tool,pintle Remover 4933-00-557-6080 RFQ
Fixture,assembling, 4933-00-566-1055 RFQ
Tool Kit,modificati 4933-00-591-0226 RFQ
Holding Tool,breechblock 4933-00-591-8048 A specially designed metallic item used to support the breechblock of an artillery weapon during assembly and disassembly. RFQ
Boss,boresight 4933-01-151-5524 RFQ
Tool Set,maintenanc 4933-00-606-8414 RFQ
Compressor Assy,equ 4933-00-606-8424 RFQ
Tool Assembly,eleva 4933-00-606-9539 RFQ
Adapter,test 4933-00-607-0596 An adapter which provides facilities for electrically connecting an item to be tested and a piece of test equipment. Do not use for interconnecting cables. Includes plug-in electronic component socket adapters which provide terminations for dynamic testing while an electronic component is inserted. See also COUPLER, TEST SET. RFQ
Connector,clamp Ass 4933-00-607-2644 RFQ
Stop,beam Handling 4933-00-607-2643 RFQ