FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Retainer Upper Bear 4940-01-516-8334 RFQ
Bushing Feed Shaft 4940-01-516-8335 RFQ
Gear Feed Pinion 4940-01-516-8336 RFQ
Regulator Air Swive 4940-01-516-8337 RFQ
Diopter,bench Top 4940-01-517-0540 RFQ
Fixture,test,mechanical Equipment 4940-01-517-5166 A fixture used to position a mechanical device in a specific manner during testing of its various functions. RFQ
Diagnostic Data Col 4940-01-517-7281 RFQ
Winding Machine,coil 4940-01-518-0150 An item of equipment designed to wind one or more types of coils, such as armature, field or magnetic coils, and may include any of a number of accessories. RFQ
Charger,magnet 4940-01-518-2111 An item specifically designed to restore or establish the field strength of a permanent magnet by energizing it with an electrical current. RFQ
Pilot Pin,actuator 4940-01-518-2996 A headless cylindrical shaped item tapering along its length. A portion is threaded. It is used for aligining or fastening. RFQ
Heat Gun,electric 4940-01-518-2991 An electrically driven pistol-shaped device, normally hand-held, used to deliver hot air in excess of 100 degrees Celsius for drying, curing, forming, activating, softening, shrinking, and the like. The operating parts are usually housed in a protective inclosure. It may include air flow directing accessories and a means to hang the item. Excludes DRIER, ELECTRIC, HAND. RFQ
Degreaser 4940-01-518-7404 A device designed to remove grease and foreign matter from mechanical parts and like items, usually metallic, by purging action in vaporized or liquid solvent or solvent-free solution confined in a tank or similar vessel. It usally includes a circulating pump, heating mechanism, and may include an auxiliary supply tank and spray equipment, and/or an ultrasonic generator. For ittems consisting essentially of a metal vessel with heating equipment, and adaptable to functions other than degreasing (e.g., wax melting), see TANK, HOT DIP (as modified). See also PARTS CLEANING CAN. SAFETY, BENCH. Excludes CLEANER, ULTRASONIC. RFQ
Fixture,test,clutch 4940-00-077-0904 RFQ
Fixture,torque Test 4940-00-077-1260 RFQ
Test Set,ignition 4940-00-077-1268 RFQ
Tank,mixing,corrosive Material 4940-00-077-1657 A tank designed primarily for mixing and storage of corrosive materials such as battery acid and the like. It may be equipped with an acidproof drain valve. RFQ
Cleaning Element,pipeline,fluid Pressure 4940-01-519-1163 An implement which, when propelled through a pipeline by fluid pressure, is designed to remove obstructions therein by the actions of scraping, buffing, and/or cutting. RFQ
Cleaning Element,pipeline,fluid Pressure 4940-01-519-1194 An implement which, when propelled through a pipeline by fluid pressure, is designed to remove obstructions therein by the actions of scraping, buffing, and/or cutting. RFQ
Gun,air Blow 4940-01-519-2411 A mechanical device designed for attachment to the discharge end of a compressed air line, for blowing dirt or other foreign substance from motors, machinery, and the like. RFQ
Auger Machine,pipe And Sewer,power Operated 4940-01-519-2997 A machine consisting of a portable steel frame on which is mounted an electric motor or gasoline engine designed to drive flexible steel cables and/or flexible steel rods by means of clutch controlled power cable retrieving equipment. The cables and rods are designed for the mounting of various types of augers and cutting blades. It is used to open clogged pipe and sewer lines. For hand held items designed with a drive similar to an electric drill, see AUGER KIT, WATER CLOSET-PIPE AND SEWER, ELECTRIC. RFQ