FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Holder,maintenance Fixture,multiposition 4940-00-082-8039 A device having a stationary or adjustable base with movable arm(s) for affixing maintenance fixtures to hold items in convenient working positions. It is commonly used for benchwork and may be free standing. For items which include maintenance fixtures, see MAINTENANCE FIXTURE (as modified). RFQ
Platform Lift 4940-01-520-8477 An item of equipment which may be self-propelled, truck mounted or trailer mounted. Item is designed to provide a safe working platform for overhead installation, inspection, maintenance, repair or construction. A small floored area (working platform) is mounted on scissor arms for vertical extension only. Working platform may include a cantilever for additional horizontal reach. Scissor Arms are hydraulically operated and controlled by a mechanism located within the platform and/or on the vehicle. Excludes SERVICING PLATFORM, as modified and MAINTENANCE PLATFORM. RFQ
Arbor,mounting,propeller 4940-01-520-8888 A fixture, having a cone and nut, designed for mounting marine propellers in position to be gaged and checked on a pitch block. RFQ
Adapter Set,test 4940-01-521-0942 A grouping of items consisting of two or more ADAPTER (2), TEST. May include a mounting, or other facility for storage and rapid access to individual adapters. RFQ
Tool And Equipment Kit,radio Set 4940-01-521-1178 A group of items specifically designed to perform maintenance on a radio set. RFQ
Repair Kit,electrical Cable 4940-01-521-1470 RFQ
Cabinet J,modificat 4940-01-521-2689 RFQ
Cabinet,g 4940-01-521-2696 RFQ
Spares Facility,communications 4940-01-521-3708 Containes the spare parts required to support the maintenance and repair of communications assets. RFQ
Kit,leak Detection 4940-01-521-4469 RFQ
Installation Kit,shop Equipment 4940-01-521-4709 An installation kit to adapt a SHOP EQUIPMENT (as modified) in a container, trailer, semitrailer, shelter or the like. RFQ
Maintenance Facility,transportable 4940-01-521-5766 The facility is equipped with work benches, storage cabinets, racks, lighting, air conditioning and power to form an electronic repair shop for the maintenance of electronic equipment. The power is usually supplied by a single 10KW Power Unit. RFQ
Dye,cartridge 4940-01-521-5814 RFQ
Shop Equipment,gene 4940-01-521-9685 RFQ
Blast Cleaning Machine 4940-01-521-9778 A mechanical device consisting of an abrasive container and necessary valves and attachments which, when connected to a source of air pressure, mixes the abrasive with air to be discharged through a hose and nozzle at high speed against a surface not contained by the machine, to perform the function of surface cleaning. May include abrasive recovery system. It is an entirely self-contained unit. RFQ
Blaster,abrasive 4940-01-520-8277 RFQ
Shop Equipment,tire 4940-01-522-3536 A group of items consisting of tools, accessories, and equipment, such as breakdown stands, vulcanizers, tire irons, and the like, designed for the repair of tires. Excludes SHOP EQUIPMENT (1), VULCANIZING, CABLE. RFQ
Mobile Section Mult 4940-01-522-6053 RFQ
Enclosure,electric 4940-01-523-1019 RFQ
Parts Kit,spray Gun 4940-01-523-7310 RFQ