FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Reel Assembly,hose 4940-01-526-9130 A circular device with flanged ends designed to accommodate a hose. May include components such as bracket(s), legs, hand crank, ratchet spring loaded device for automatic hose return, inlet and outlet ports for hose attachments. May be of high or low pressure and can be styled for floor, bench, service vehicle, trailer or ceiling mounted. Excludes WINCH, DRUM, (as modified). RFQ
Guide,wire 4940-01-526-9223 RFQ
Guide,wire 4940-01-526-9235 RFQ
Guide,wire 4940-01-526-9244 RFQ
Adjustable Fingers 4940-01-526-9418 RFQ
Round Nose Form 4940-01-526-9425 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-00-123-2993 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9810 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9811 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9812 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9803 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9804 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9807 RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-528-9813 RFQ
Fluid Nozzle,spray Gun,paint 4940-01-529-1657 A device used to meter the fluid viscosity and volume by the orifice size and to direct the fluid into the air stream. It is used in conjunction with AIR NOZZLE, SPRAY GUN, PAINT and/or FLUID NEEDLE VALVE, SPRAY GUN, PAINT. RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-01-529-1660 RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-01-529-1661 RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-01-529-1662 RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-01-529-1663 RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-01-529-1664 RFQ