FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Serial Port 4940-01-534-0292 RFQ
Brush Wire Rot End 4940-01-534-1286 RFQ
Rack Assembly Right 4940-01-534-1250 RFQ
Rack Assembly Right 4940-01-534-1251 RFQ
File Set Hand Half 4940-01-534-1263 RFQ
Brush File Cleaner 4940-01-534-1287 RFQ
Saw Hand Crosscut 4940-01-534-1265 RFQ
Rack Assembly Right 4940-01-534-1266 RFQ
Blade Abrasive Cut 4940-01-534-1281 RFQ
Rack Assembly Right 4940-01-534-1267 RFQ
Seal Internal,ecu 4940-01-534-1268 RFQ
Rack Assembly Left 4940-01-534-1270 RFQ
Rack Assembly Left 4940-01-534-1272 RFQ
Blade Hand Hacksaw 4940-01-534-1279 RFQ
Saw,hand,metal 4940-01-534-1282 RFQ
Blade Hacksaw Hand 4940-01-534-1280 RFQ
Drill Set Twist 4940-01-534-1283 RFQ
Brush Wire Scratch 4940-01-534-1284 RFQ
Brush Wire Rot End 4940-01-534-1285 RFQ
Spray Gun,paint 4940-01-534-2458 A mechaincal device for bringing air and a stream of paint or similar material together, atomizing or breaking up the stream into a spray and ejecting it for the purpose of applying a coating to an object or surface at high speed. See also SPRAY OUTFIT, PAINT. RFQ