FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Tool Set,ambulance Train Maintenance Section 4940-01-551-8825 RFQ
Air Cap,spray Gun 4940-00-236-4287 RFQ
Tool And Equipment Kit,radio Set 4940-01-554-0475 A group of items specifically designed to perform maintenance on a radio set. RFQ
Gun,air Blow 4940-00-237-9911 A mechanical device designed for attachment to the discharge end of a compressed air line, for blowing dirt or other foreign substance from motors, machinery, and the like. RFQ
Adapter,cable Breakout 4940-01-554-4087 An item designed to electrically and physically accommodate cable connectors and the terminations to which the cable would normally be connected, and thereby provide facilities for the insertion of test equipment leads, probes, and the like, for test and/or monitoring of power, intelligence, and the like, that may be on the wire complement of the cable. The item may provide facilities for either series, shunt, or interwire tests of the cable under actual operating conditions. RFQ
Cup,paint,spray Gun 4940-01-554-5705 RFQ
Auger Machine,pipe And Sewer,power Operated 4940-01-554-6281 A machine consisting of a portable steel frame on which is mounted an electric motor or gasoline engine designed to drive flexible steel cables and/or flexible steel rods by means of clutch controlled power cable retrieving equipment. The cables and rods are designed for the mounting of various types of augers and cutting blades. It is used to open clogged pipe and sewer lines. For hand held items designed with a drive similar to an electric drill, see AUGER KIT, WATER CLOSET-PIPE AND SEWER, ELECTRIC. RFQ
Parts Kit,spray Gun 4940-00-239-9218 RFQ
Enclosure,electromagnetic Shielding 4940-01-554-8008 A prefabricated and/or demountable structure designed to encompass electrical apparatus and personnel for the purpose of shielding against electromagnetic or mechanical interference. For items that do not encompass personnel, see SHIELD, TEST. RFQ
Lifting Tool,magnetic 4940-01-555-0005 A permanent lifting magnet designed to lift, move and fasten various ferrous materials and workpieces. RFQ
Turntable,typewriter Repair 4940-00-241-4206 A device equipped with a revolving platform supported by a low base. RFQ
Repair Kit,plastic 4940-01-555-4267 An assortment of tools and application accessories and expendable materials, such as fibrous glass, cloth, mats, resin, rubber gloves, and the like, as are required for the repair of plastic items, such as cases, noninflatable boats, and the like. RFQ
Cleaner,pipeline,air Pressure 4940-01-555-2987 A hand operated appliance consisting of pump, air pressure tank, air pressure gage, and air release mechanism, designed to remove obstructions in waterlines and drainage systems by the impact of air under pressure against a column of trapped water. RFQ
Service Kit,refrigerant 4940-01-555-3141 A group of items consisting of adapters, gaskets, shutoff valve(s), hand tools, and the like. It is used in charging, purging and testing the refrigerant in hermetically sealed refrigerating units. See also TOOL KIT (1), REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT. RFQ
Blast Cleaning Cabinet 4940-00-242-1445 A suitable inclosure equipped with necessary devices through which abrasive materials are ejected either by air pressure or by centrifugal force against surface to be cleaned. It is designed to allow the operator to perform his duties through protected hand holes, viewing the operation through a suitable window. RFQ
Blast Cleaning Machine 4940-00-242-1448 A mechanical device consisting of an abrasive container and necessary valves and attachments which, when connected to a source of air pressure, mixes the abrasive with air to be discharged through a hose and nozzle at high speed against a surface not contained by the machine, to perform the function of surface cleaning. May include abrasive recovery system. It is an entirely self-contained unit. RFQ
Spray Outfit,paint 4940-01-555-4376 An outfit consisting of spray gun(s) with fluid and air hose and one or more accessories such as pressure tank(s), feed cup(s) and the like and with or without an air compressor. It is designed for applying paints and similar fluids in large area covering operations at high speed. RFQ
Wiring,engine Qsb 6 4940-01-555-5678 RFQ
Electrical System,2 4940-01-555-5738 RFQ
Shop Equipment,fuel And Electrical System,engine 4940-01-555-6128 RFQ