FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Dolly,test Equipment 4940-01-577-6958 A hand-propelled device consisting of three or more wheels attached to a frame, and designed for carrying or supporting test equipment. May include facilities for connecting and interconnecting components of the test equipment to obtain electrical operating power or functional utility. Test equipment components are not included. RFQ
Cg Verification Fix 4940-01-577-7705 RFQ
Tray,shelf No Two 4940-01-577-9235 RFQ
Asm Wheel Front 4940-01-577-9296 RFQ
Spray Gun,paint 4940-01-577-9345 A mechaincal device for bringing air and a stream of paint or similar material together, atomizing or breaking up the stream into a spray and ejecting it for the purpose of applying a coating to an object or surface at high speed. See also SPRAY OUTFIT, PAINT. RFQ
Cleaner,pressure,solvent-Water 4940-01-577-9596 A pressure cleaner used to project streams of water detergents, soaps, or cleaning solvents for cleaning motor vehicle exteriors, engines, aircraft exteriors, and the like. Excludes CLEANING GUN, WATER. RFQ
Maintenance Platform 4940-01-577-9647 An item of equipment with small floored area(s) supported by scaffolding of metal or wood framework, either portable or stationary. For use in repairing, cleaning, installing, and inspection of property, machinery, and equipment above the general floor level. Excludes MAINTENANCE PLATFORM, AIRCRAFT and MAINTENANCE PLATFORM, GUIDED MISSILE or the like. RFQ
Repair Kit,electrical Cable 4940-01-578-0713 RFQ
Tray,shop Maintenance 4940-01-578-2372 A shallow, flat receptacle with a raised edge rim, used for holding, carrying, storing or displaying articles in a shop evironment. RFQ
Tray,shop Maintenance 4940-01-578-2376 A shallow, flat receptacle with a raised edge rim, used for holding, carrying, storing or displaying articles in a shop evironment. RFQ
Degreaser 4940-01-578-3194 A device designed to remove grease and foreign matter from mechanical parts and like items, usually metallic, by purging action in vaporized or liquid solvent or solvent-free solution confined in a tank or similar vessel. It usally includes a circulating pump, heating mechanism, and may include an auxiliary supply tank and spray equipment, and/or an ultrasonic generator. For ittems consisting essentially of a metal vessel with heating equipment, and adaptable to functions other than degreasing (e.g., wax melting), see TANK, HOT DIP (as modified). See also PARTS CLEANING CAN. SAFETY, BENCH. Excludes CLEANER, ULTRASONIC. RFQ
Blast Cleaning Cabinet 4940-01-578-3844 A suitable inclosure equipped with necessary devices through which abrasive materials are ejected either by air pressure or by centrifugal force against surface to be cleaned. It is designed to allow the operator to perform his duties through protected hand holes, viewing the operation through a suitable window. RFQ
Heat Gun And Solder 4940-01-578-3961 RFQ
Enclosure,electromagnetic Shielding 4940-01-578-4199 A prefabricated and/or demountable structure designed to encompass electrical apparatus and personnel for the purpose of shielding against electromagnetic or mechanical interference. For items that do not encompass personnel, see SHIELD, TEST. RFQ
Air Nozzle,spray Gun,paint 4940-00-378-7690 An item designed to atomize the fluid flow of different kinds of paint, sealers, primers, epoxies and urethanes through the action of air jets under high pressure and speed. It may have an adjustable spray pattern. It may include or be used in conjunction with FLUID NOZZLE, SPRAY GUN, PAINT. RFQ
Fixture,test,mechanical Equipment 4940-01-578-7326 A fixture used to position a mechanical device in a specific manner during testing of its various functions. RFQ
Adapter,mechanical Test 4940-01-578-7729 An item which provides facilities for mechanically connecting an item to be tested and a piece of test equipment. It may include hydraulic and/or pneumatic functions. Do not use for CONNECTOR, MULTIPLE, FLUID MEASURE LINE or MANIFOLD, HYDRAULIC SYSTEM ACCESSORIES or the like. Excludes ADAPTER (2), TEST. RFQ
Servicing Platform,self-Propelled 4940-01-579-0510 A self-propolled item designed to provide a safe working platform for overhead or overhead and below the ground level installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, or construction operation. A small floored area (working platform) is mounted on articulated booms which may be rotated in any horizontal plane within the limits of the supporting equipment. The booms are cable and/or hydraulically operated and are controlled by mechanism located within the platform and/or on the vehicle. (Excludes MAINTENANCE PLATFORM and SERVICING PLATFORM, TRACTOR MOUNTED.) RFQ
Case,test Set 4940-01-576-9315 RFQ
Applicator,epoxy 4940-01-577-0007 RFQ