FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Cleaner,pressure,solvent-Water 4940-01-593-3677 A pressure cleaner used to project streams of water detergents, soaps, or cleaning solvents for cleaning motor vehicle exteriors, engines, aircraft exteriors, and the like. Excludes CLEANING GUN, WATER. RFQ
Degreaser 4940-01-593-3722 A device designed to remove grease and foreign matter from mechanical parts and like items, usually metallic, by purging action in vaporized or liquid solvent or solvent-free solution confined in a tank or similar vessel. It usally includes a circulating pump, heating mechanism, and may include an auxiliary supply tank and spray equipment, and/or an ultrasonic generator. For ittems consisting essentially of a metal vessel with heating equipment, and adaptable to functions other than degreasing (e.g., wax melting), see TANK, HOT DIP (as modified). See also PARTS CLEANING CAN. SAFETY, BENCH. Excludes CLEANER, ULTRASONIC. RFQ
Table Mat,work Station 4940-01-593-6502 RFQ
Almen Test Strip 4940-01-593-6741 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7850 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7849 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7861 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-8079 RFQ
Shop Equipment,utility 4940-01-593-7344 RFQ
Shop Equipment,utility 4940-01-593-7359 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7840 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7905 RFQ
Case 4940-01-593-7491 RFQ
Cleaning Kit,hydrau 4940-01-593-7525 RFQ
Cover,tan,shop Equi 4940-01-593-7583 RFQ
Hand Launcher,type 4940-01-593-7713 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7727 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-8045 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7838 RFQ
Nozzle,type 4940-01-593-7847 RFQ