FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Case,test Set 4940-01-595-3996 RFQ
Cover,drain 4940-01-595-6615 RFQ
Reel Assembly,hose 4940-01-595-9478 A circular device with flanged ends designed to accommodate a hose. May include components such as bracket(s), legs, hand crank, ratchet spring loaded device for automatic hose return, inlet and outlet ports for hose attachments. May be of high or low pressure and can be styled for floor, bench, service vehicle, trailer or ceiling mounted. Excludes WINCH, DRUM, (as modified). RFQ
Dolly,test Equipment 4940-01-595-9815 A hand-propelled device consisting of three or more wheels attached to a frame, and designed for carrying or supporting test equipment. May include facilities for connecting and interconnecting components of the test equipment to obtain electrical operating power or functional utility. Test equipment components are not included. RFQ
Cleaning Element,pipeline,fluid Pressure 4940-01-596-0875 An implement which, when propelled through a pipeline by fluid pressure, is designed to remove obstructions therein by the actions of scraping, buffing, and/or cutting. RFQ
Platform,vehic,spec 4940-01-596-2254 RFQ
Enclosure,vehi,spec 4940-01-596-2259 RFQ
Lifting Tool,magnetic 4940-01-596-2260 A permanent lifting magnet designed to lift, move and fasten various ferrous materials and workpieces. RFQ
Table,positioning 4940-01-596-2261 An item designed to accurately position another item for inspection, testing, maintenance or machining. The item is capable of linear and/or rotational movement but is not furnished with a work-holding device such as a chuck or vise. It may be manually operated or motor driven. Excludes POSITIONER, WELDING. RFQ
Leak Detector,refrigerant Gas 4940-01-596-2262 RFQ
Cleaner,pressure,solvent-Water 4940-01-596-2263 A pressure cleaner used to project streams of water detergents, soaps, or cleaning solvents for cleaning motor vehicle exteriors, engines, aircraft exteriors, and the like. Excludes CLEANING GUN, WATER. RFQ
Magic Arm Kit,spec 4940-01-594-0163 RFQ
Ring Kit,fittings 4940-01-594-0223 RFQ
Scraper,chain 4940-01-594-1342 RFQ
Test Set,spec 4940-01-594-1361 RFQ
Irst Desiccant,spec 4940-01-594-1506 RFQ
Driver Assy,spec 4940-01-594-1939 RFQ
Purging System,dry Nitrogen 4940-01-594-2832 An apparatus designed to purge equipment that require humidity protection and moisture inhibition such as electronics, electro optical, high voltage switchgear, cameras, lenses and thermal imaging systems and the like, using dry nitrogen. RFQ
Scrubber,underwater,hull Cleaning 4940-01-594-3759 An item designed to clean ship hulls under the waterline. It operates by a pressure water driven turbine. It usually includes two BRUSH, UNDERWATER SCRUBBER, handles, a fitting, and the like. RFQ
Parts Kit,blast Cleaning Machine 4940-01-594-3916 A parts kit used to replace worn and/or damaged parts of a BLAST CLEANING MACHINE. RFQ